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15-08-2008, 01:28 PM
It seemed like an ordinary day in the office, but the boss, a strict, unpleasant man nearing retirement age, was in a foul mood. Everything that I did irritated him.

After being at the end of his hostile remarks, I finally said in a sullen voice that I was going home.

"What did you say to me" he asked


"Well it was not what you said but the way you siad it. I will not have rudeness or sarcasm in my office. And I'm sick of your attitude. So what am I going to do about it? Report you to the senior manager? Fine you some wages. Sack you. Which would you prefer?"

I said that I was sorry, and surely it was not as serious as this.

"Serious it is. Take one of the three options."

"Is there no other option" I said

"Perhaps there is a solution. I am old fashioned in my ways: I like courtesy, hard work, discipline and I don't like rudeness, and sarcasm."

"so what does that mean?" I replied

"It means that there is one other way for you to be punished - a more old fashioned way. Do you agree to this?"

"To what" I said, I don't know what you mean"

The boss sid, "just tell me yes or no, now"

I had little choice so I reluctantly said yes, not knowing what he had in mind. I soon found out.

"Go to my office. And stand by my desk. I will be there in a few minutes"

I did as I was told. After what seemed like an endless wait, he came in.

He fumbled around in a cupboard but I could not see what her was doing.

"Yes, my boy the olf fashioned way. I am going to cane you and you must ask to be caned"

"Are you insane? I said. You can be arrested for this.

"Don't worry about me, boy, you have agreed to the punishment. Bend over the desk, strectch out and touch the other side and push your bottom up. I'm going to give you six strokes across your bottom, then we can forget this."

But he did not forget immediately. After the six strokes he asked me to stand up. He then told me to take my trousers down. I argued but he angrily ordered me to. I pulled my trousers to my ankles and bent over the desk again. He told me tol pull my thin white pants so they were tight against my stinging bottom and they were so see though that he and I could see the red strokes of the cane on my bottom.

I bent over and felt the thwack of the cane, with little protection from my pants.

After 6 more strokes. He came towards me and started to touch and rub my sore bottom. He told me to stand up again. I did not want to as I was beginning to feel my cock going hard. He dragged me up and as he was admiring the red stripes through my whie see-through pants, he noticed the fairly obvious bulge in the front of my pants.

"You little pervert, what is that. You enjoyed having your bottom caned did you? Well we'll have to teach you a proper lesson now."

With that, he pulled me over to his leather couch, sat down and pulled me across his knee. I felt his rough hand in the waistband of my pants, which he quickly pulled down. I noticed a slight gasp from him as he gazed admiringly at my pert red-striped bottom. then I felt his rough hand all over me, spanking me, touching me, groping me, rubbing me, but always spanking my sore red bottom harder and harder. he ordered me to ask him to spank me harder which I did

"Please spank me, I deserve it, I'm a naughty, rude boy who needs his naughty bottom spanked"
He went on for what seemed like ages, as I had to ask him to spank me more and more, harder and harder. When it was over, he ordered me to stand in front of him. My cock was large and sore from rubbing against his lap as he spanked me. I had almost cum on numerous ocassions, but now to increase my hummiliation he ordered me to masturbate infront of him"

I come to the office now with trepidation, wondering whether this is to be the day for another spanking. Today he has told me that I must report to him and the senior manager, for some alleged infringement of the rules. I can only begin to imagine what will happen to me there.

17-08-2008, 07:28 PM
there are a few in my office that would benefit from this scenario! I'll have to give it some serious thought.

Very nice idea!:D

08-09-2008, 01:41 PM
It was not long to wait before my boss informed me that I had to repor with him to the MD. The MD was a person you rarely had contact with but ocdasionally saw: a big man, who looked like he would not take any messing around. There were also numerous rumours about his ruthlessness and domineering attitude.

Anyway we went to his office and his secretary led us to his office, she was an attractive woman in her mid-forties, tall. elegant, smartly dressed - the kind of woman that you imagined in the cliche role of letting her hair down, taking her glases off.....

The MD asked the boss to sit down, while I continued to stand. The MD asked the boss to explain exactly what had happened. I could see the secretary smirking as my humiliation was described in great detail, but the MD gave no rection.

"I can see you were quite justified. What do you say boy?" the MD said.

"Under the circumstances he had no choice"

The MD asked me also to describe everything to say whether it was the same story. He stopped me constantly to check on minor detaisl.

The MD then asked the boss to recommedn what he thougt best for now.

"Lets see what our colleague thinks" said the boss.

I replied I thougt that was the end of the matter and that I had deserved my punishment.

The MD suddenly got angry. "you think it is enough do you"

The boss then suggested that the MD should perform his own punishment.

MD "Miss Lane, please get the long ruler from your office"

She got the ruler. Now miss lane, help our friend over the arm of the chair. The smirking secretary led me to the chair and bent me over.

MD" Mr Briggs, you prepare him for me"

The boss took the ruler and began to slowly and methodically hit my bottom. After about 10 strokes, the MD asked the secretary to pull down my trousers. I struggled to get away from her, but the boss hit me a few more times. Then the secretary undid my trousers and pulled them down.

I bent over the arm of the chair again and the MD approached.

He hit me with the ruler a few times. Then asked the boss to pull down my pants, as the MD sushered the secretary out of the room.

The MD approached wheezing and coughing as he manourved his large frame behind me. I felt an almighty smack on my bottom as his large hand came down. He spanked me a ferw more times, adjusting the strength, and covering all of my bottom. He began to spank me harder, panting at the effort

Then he sat down on the chair and pulled me across his lap. His hands were all over my bare bottom, spanking, massaging, squeezing as I writhed and wriggled on his lap. After about five minutes he got up and told me to walk over to the desk. There the boss bent me over and began to hit me with the ruler across my bottom. The MD looked on and I could see an enormous bulge in his trousers and his face was as red as my sore bottom.

MD" so how are you feeling now boy? regretful? remorseful? I'm going to be looking out for you in future and if I hear your name mentioned again you will be up here for more of this. I don't like insubordination in my office and I believe - like Mr Briggs in the old fashioned way of punishment".

he then asked me to come over again and bend over his lap. I felt the suprisingly rock solid cock of the old man as I bent over. His spanking increased in force and I was wriggling all over his lap, which had the result of rubbing against his ever-expanding cock, which only led him to spank me harder.

MD " now what are you gong to do to make amends?" Youve had your punishment but I also believe in some compensation. What are you going to do for me to keep your job?"

"You can spank me again if that is what it takes" I replied.

MD " sorry boy, you'll have to think of something better than that."

At that, he began to rub his cock - and I got the idea that my humiliation was a long way from over. I began to touch him and then pulled his red, gnarled 9 inch cock out of his pants. He forced my head towards him and pushed his cock towards my mouth. I tried to avoid it but my boss was up behind me, holding my arms tightly. I am small and slim and there was nothing I could do to fight off these two big men. The boss pushed me onto my hands and knees facing the throbbing monstrosity, which the MD pushed into my moth, barely half could fit, so instead he made me lick the entire length. in te meantime, the boss had began to spank me again, with my red bottom being so soundly spanked and with this huge object in my mouth, I tought I was about to come. Then the MD made a gesture to the boss and I heard him pulling his trousers down. His hands gripped my waist and lubricated by his own pre-cum he slid his cock into my virginal ass. After a few minutes the MD got up.

"I think he;s warmed up and ready to receive me now"

I was turned round so my ass was in his lap and I was facing the boss. The MD lifted mu up by the waist and pulled me down on top of his cock. I thougt I would break apart as this cock entered me. In the meantime, the boss ordered me to masturbate myself as he himself popushed his cock in my face. I came long before the MD did. He took his time, each thrust seeming to pierce my whole body. With a great road I finally felt his cock explode inside me as his sperm pumped again and again. At the same moment the boss came in my face, shooting jet after jet off hot cum into my face.

We got dressed as if nothing had happened and I was ushered out of the room. with the line "I will be watching out for you boy...."it was an ordinary meeting