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It was one of those little known and remote private boarding schools for children between eight and thirteen years of age. I was a tall, well developed boy and madly curious about sex at a very early age. Corporal punishment was regularly and mercilessly imposed on erring youngsters and I was no exception. The masters were empowered to beat the boys at their whim and there were no restrictions on how, where, when or how often they meted this out. Most of the less severe thrashings were carried out at the time and place of the offence; in class, on the playing field, in the gym, the dorm- wherever. Nearly all were quick slashes across the backs of the legs with the ever present cane. More serious offences were dealt with after the lesson was over with the boy in question dropping his trousers, being thrust down across a desk, having his pants lowered and a cane swished against his bottom six or twelve times. Some of the masters were inclined to spend long moments afterwards rubbing the offender’s bottom and often reaching round to measure the size and fullness of the boy’s cock and balls.

Repeated offences were dealt with by an appointment in the relevant master’s study. There he would order one to strip naked and stand to attention. He would walk around the boy several times, lecturing one about the offence and then, when his examination was complete would pronounce sentence. The minimum on these occasions seemed to be twelve strokes whilst touching one’s toes. It was an almost impossible number to bear and few boys would not incur extra by straightening up and desperately trying to cover their exposed rear ends. This would normally result in a thwack across the protecting knuckles and an award of an extra six strokes. These would be applied to the boy whilst he was stretched across the masters desk or, when with a junior master and in a study/bedroom, along the bed. It seemed they wanted to get one into this predicament because then it was so much easier for them to slip into a heavy fondling session with the boy when pretending to comfort them. These fondling sessions would inevitably result in the boys face being upturned by an apparently soft and sympathetic hand and a pair of stubble strewn lips brushing the boy’s, then pressing harder, forcing the lips apart and the tongue within.

The main saving grace of the school was a stunningly attractive matron. Miss Nesbitt was renowned for her figure and her kindness. Those two simple things added to the fact of her being the only female in the school made her the idol of most boys. I was lucky enough to be one of her chosen boys- those she favoured with protection and some help. I didn’t realise then that her motives were far from honourable and that she was worse than most of the masters.

Miss Nesbitt had taken to allowing me the use of her private bathroom. I was shy in front of the other boys and she had noticed this. The first time she invited me to her bathroom she more or less left me to get on with it. Just as I was about to get out however I noticed there was no towel. I called to her and she came in with one in her hand. She told me to stand up and, noticing my reddening face, reassured me that it was fine for me to stand in front of her. At that stage I don’t know whether she realised it but my shyness was largely due to my partially erect state. I stood however, and remained frozen as she draped the towel around my shoulders and started to dry me. She was gentle in her rubbing and seemed to want to get into every crease and it wasn’t long before she had my cock fully erect as she rolled it, and my balls in the towel.

As the evening progressed she got bolder and by the end of that first week she was washing me all over, paying special attention to my nipples then making me stand and then rubbing up and down the length of my stiff cock with her soapy hands.

It was the offence of smoking that really got the goat of Mr Simmonds who was the most sadistic master. He was the games teacher and was very fit. His background was in some branch of the military and he seemed fanatical about fitness and honour. My offence was therefore the much worse because not only had I been seen smoking but, when questioned about it I lied.

My punishment was set for that night and Matron was particularly kind to me throughout my bath. When I was dry and pyjama’d she asked me to top the water up with some hot. I looked surprised but she said the water had cooled and she didn’t want to catch cold. She told me to wrap the towel around my waist and it looked pretty silly with my knob poking up.

Then she told me that she wanted to take my mind off my forthcoming ordeal and she thought that the best way of doing that was to allow me to watch her bathe. Slowly she removed her top clothes, leaving herself in bra, suspenders, stockings and knickers. She told me to help her remove these and my eyes must have been bulging in their sockets and they slipped away and she, naked, stepped into the bath.

As I stood watching her wash she told me to remove the towel, then to stand by the bath. She said that she felt it was time that understood how a few things worked and started to brush at her own, quickly erected nipples, explaining that hers’ were very sensitive but that, once aroused, they could take almost any amount of abuse. She added that many men also liked theirs being played with and pinched as well then her other hand quickly dipped beneath the surface of the water and started rubbing between her legs as the first left her breast and reached up to my cock and pulled it towards her mouth. I had never seen or heard of anything like this before but I quickly took to it, finding myself increasing the depth of penetration by rocking backwards and forwards. She showed me how her action imitated that of a milking machine. Softly down the shaft and then sucking at it as she pulled away.

I didn’t come, but she let me explore her body as I dried her and then told me not to be surprised if Mr Simmonds expected me to do that to him. He’d be much larger than me, she warned but I’d soon get used to it. She added that I should expect a lot of come and make sure that I swallowed all of it.

I dressed in pyjamas and dressing gown and then headed off for Mr Simmonds’ study.

I knocked and wished there would be no reply but the stern tone rattled around the hall with the word ‘enter’. I turned the knob and went in.

Mr Simmonds was standing in the centre of the room with a long swishy cane in his hands. He was dressed in miniscule shorts and a tee shirt.
“To attention boy.” He barked, pointing to a spot just in front of him. I stood there, to attention and staring at my feet.
“Why are you here?”
“Smoking sir.”
“Smoking and lying sir.”
His hands were at the cord of my dressing gown. It fell open and he pushed it off my shoulders. He walked around me then undid the buttons of my pyjama top. He circled again and from behind me, pulled it off my shoulders. Then he returned to the front and, kneeling before me tugged the trousers down and off my ankles. My cock was still erect; part through nerves and part through the attention Miss Nesbitt had given it. He stood up.
“Why are you in that state?”
He gripped it firmly.
“I don’t know sir.”
“Do you know what you do with this boy?”
“I know what I’d like to do with yours sir.” He looked shocked “I mean after you’ve beaten boys sir. I’m sure I can do it sir.” His hand started to rub up and down it’s length.
“Are you indeed?”
“Yes sir I’m sure I can swallow all of it sir. I mean I’ve never done it before but I’m sure I can do it.”
“Right” he muttered. I could see the outline of his terrifying cock growing in his shorts. Then he seemed to get it all back together.

“Bend over and touch your toes. You’ll get six for smoking and twelve for lying.”
The first seemed unbearable to me and I cried out but kept my position. By the eighteenth I was moving quite a lot but had managed to stay in the same basic position. My cock was, by now, larger and stiffer than it had ever been. Mr Simmonds told me to straighten up then took my hand and led me to the bed. His own fully hard member was trying to get out of the leg of his shorts.
“Bend over and place your hands on it.” I didn’t know what to expect but he just rubbed the sore welts until the pain eased a little.

“Turn round and kneel.” he said. The tone was gentler than before and, feeling that this was my cue I reached up and pulled his shorts slowly down. He wore no underpants and the size of him staggered me. I quickly took him into my mouth and instantly became the milking machine I had felt earlier. My hands pushed up underneath his tee-shirt and gripped at his nipples. He started to pump into me just as his knob grew yet larger. I knew that something dramatic was going to happen but I wasn’t prepared for the sheer quantity of sperm that flew from him. Some of it dribbled out of my mouth but I did my best and got most of it down. His spasming body seemed to fall limp as his cock got softer and he told me to get dressed and go to bed.

As I went through the door Miss Nesbitt in her dressing gown was waiting on the other side of the corridor. She put her finger to her lips and signalled that I should follow her. She took me along the corridor and up to her top floor rooms. There she stripped me and examined the stripes I had gained.
“Did you swallow all of it?” she asked.
“Yes I think so.”
“Ohhh good.” her hands were inside her own dressing gown and she hurriedly undid the cord and pulled it off. She was naked except for her stockings and suspenders.
“Sit on the edge of the bed.”
I did as she said and felt very strange as she draped herself across my lap.
“Spank me. Please spank me very hard.”
I was timid at first but soon got into my stride as she pushed her buttocks up to meet each of my spanks. Eventually she slid off onto the floor.
“I think I need this” she said as she produced a cane from beneath the bed.
I caned her. It seemed as though there were hundreds of strokes but she made me keep going, telling her all the while exactly what had happened until her body seemed to shudder, her fingers pulling at her nipples.

Almost every other day she made me recount every detail of that thrashing and, what with her intense excitement it was only a matter of time before she asked me to engineer another one. This time she was determined to be present. Mine was a clumsy attempt at provoking Mr Simmonds but as he ordered me to present myself at his room later that night he squeezed my bollocks.
“We’ll see just how good a school whore you are?” It seemed to me that he was pleased he was going to punish me again.

Miss Nesbitt put me through the same routine prior to my visit. This time though, she brought me far nearer to orgasm myself. I felt those first pre-come dribbles and she recognised them and calmed things down. Twice more she got me to that bursting point and, although I had never in my life pumped spunk I felt that it wouldn’t be long before I did. Then she leant forward in the bath, her buttocks sticking up and out of the water and told me to thrash her. I picked up the cane and watched her writhing and squirming as I laid six hefty and now, confident strokes across her buttocks.

Again her body shuddered, this time it was without the assistance of her hands between her legs just her gentle caressing fingers across her breasts.

Miss Nesbitt left before I did. She dressed in stockings suspenders and a button up full length dress. I remember that it was bright red with polka dots all over it and her unrestrained breasts were very prominent, topped with firm nipples. After she’d gone I prepared myself by dressing in my pyjamas and dressing gown and then made my way along to Mr Simmonds’ study. This time I could hear voices from within and knew that Miss Nesbitt was inveigling her way into observing the punishment that was to take place.

“Enter” roared Mr Simmonds. There seemed a note of unusual and extra anger in his voice, as though he felt that Miss Nesbitt was going, in some way to mar his evening. I opened the door and stepped inside. Mr Simmonds was standing in the middle of the room with Miss Nesbitt some little way behind. His dressing gown was more tightly tied than usual and I quickly realised that he did indeed believe that his pleasure was going to be severely limited by the presence of this extra person.

“Miss Nesbitt is going to observe your punishment tonight. Just to make sure that fair play is achieved.” Behind him and unobserved she was rubbing her hands over her breasts and down her flat tummy. It was not intended to be provocative but was the very least sexual she could be under the circumstances.

“You are going to be caned very severely. Now undress yourself.”
I hesitated knowing that undressing me was something he always enjoyed doing. Miss Nesbitt came to his rescue.
“Forgive me interrupting you Mr Simmonds but I wonder if it would be more appropriate if you undressed the boy. That way he will feel more, how should we say, degraded?”
A twinkle in Mr Simmonds’ eye told me that at that very second he had recognised a fellow pervert in the innocent sounding Miss Nesbitt.
“Do you think so?”
“Oh yes, I do. You see a few moments spent undressing the youth establishes the real element of control and states exactly and precisely who is in charge.”
“Yes, I see what you mean.” Then barked at me “Stand up straight boy.”
“Yes sir.” I straightened my back and stood, more or less to attention.

He approached me slowly, regularly glancing at Miss Nesbitt. He untied my dressing gown cord and let it fall open, then pushed it off my shoulders. He seemed unnerved by the presence of a third party because he opened my shirt much more quickly. Again Miss Nesbitt intervened.
“I think you should take more time.” She paused. “Sorry. Its not for me to say I know but I think I’m putting you off. A little bit of time spent at this point will help to make the boy feel even more in your control.”
“Why don’t you show me?” Asked Mr Simmonds.
“Well I could but I’m sure you know what I have in mind.”
“I’d know even better if you showed me.”
He stepped to one side. Miss Nesbitt considered her options for moment.
“Yes. All right.”
She stepped up in front of me and stared into my eyes. She seemed to telling me to trust her but I averted mine downwards in a demonstrative submissive gesture.
“All boys that need to be punished need to be made to feel as small as possible.”
She started to walk around me. I knew she was doing to me exactly what I had told her Mr Simmonds had done but she was far more predatory. Her movement was slower and more designed to keep me guessing about her intentions. On her second circuit she stopped behind me. I felt her warmth as her body moved closer. Her arms came around me and I felt her breath on my neck as she peered over my shoulder and down at my buttons, Her arms went around my waist and she started to undo them one by one. Once open she slowly ran her finger nails up the centre of my stomach, barely making contact. Small tingling electric shocks followed her hands until she reached the top and slowly began to peel it from my shoulders.

She wasted no opportunity for sexual contact and as she pushed the garment from me her fingers lightly brushed against my nipples. They were already erect but stiffened even more as I felt her leg making contact with mine. Her hands went to my waist and toyed with the cord for a moment but then the contact was lost. She walked around me and stopped in front. Again she squarely fixed me with a stare. Her hand gripped my iron hard cock.
“What’s this?”
“I’m sorry miss, its just nerves.”
“You’re enjoying yourself.”
“No miss.”
She unfastened the cord with her other hand. The trousers fell to the floor leaving me totally exposed.
“What do you think Mr Simmonds?”
“He’s a disgusting little wretch.”
She was massaging the length of my cock and it was unbearable. Mr Simmonds was still to one side.
“Kick your trousers over here boy.”
“Yes sir.”
I kicked them over and he picked them up and put them and the shirt on the back of a chair. He moved closer and to one side of me.
“You keep doing that while I start.” He said to Miss Nesbitt.
He started to spank me slowly and in perfect rhythm with her ministrations. With each spank I was thrust further into her tight hand. She gripped harder on the inward thrusts and the effect was beginning to be audible in my gasps and sighs. The spanking was also growing harder at a steady rate and my thrusts therefore deeper and now reaching from the very tip of my cock to the small number of pubes at the base. Being naked between these two dominant characters was as thrilling as it was terrifying and the atmosphere was charged and electric.

Just as I was reaching a point of no return Mr Simmonds stopped spanking and, seeming to understand, Miss Nesbitt relaxed her grip. My whole body flopped slightly and Miss Nesbitt stood back and looked at me.
“Poor boy”
“You’re going to receive twelve strokes of the cane” said Mr Simmonds. “Stand in the middle of the room and touch your toes.”
I took a moment to collect my thoughts and then moved to the centre and obeyed the instruction. Now prone to any savage attack I remained as still as possible and waited for the sound of the cane through the air. Through the corner of my eye I could see Miss Nesbitt, one of her hands was slightly pressed against the front of her dress the other rested awkwardly across her breasts. It was as though she knew she was going to need it.

The first slice took my breath away and focussed me totally on Mr Simmonds and his prime area of expertise, wielding a cane. He took his time, allowing the pain to soak through me like the hot water in a bath. By the third I was more used to it and was able to, once again, pay some attention to Miss Nesbitt. She was now thrusting openly and quite hard against the hand at her dress whilst her other hand was lightly brushing against her top. By the sixth she was rocking against it and by the eighth was more noticeably playing with her own nipples. By the time I counted twelve she was pulling at them even though they were clothed.

Mr Simmonds put the cane down and came up behind me.
“That looks sore. I’ll rub it for you.”
I remained motionless as his left hand rested in the small of my back and his right started to rub my buttocks. His touch was gentle at first but slowly grew more confident.
“You’ve missed a bit.” Miss Nesbitt said.
“Oh where?” Mr Simmonds stopped rubbing and crouched behind me looking at my most intimate parts.
She stepped forward and crouched next to him.
“Here.” She said, fondling my balls. Her hands cupped them and rolled them. “You see they’re red and sore.”
“Yes, yes I see.” She stopped fondling me and I felt him take over. His hand was firmer and was making greater use of the full possibilities of this contact, working the base of my cock at the same time as the balls. I could see him so clearly between my legs but tried not to make eye contact. All through the caning my erection had maintained its iron state and now, under this manipulation there was no pretence of punishment. He was the master and in control but it was pure pleasure for him and I didn’t want him to see the lust in my eyes and become aware that it was also purely sexual for me as well.

Miss Nesbitt, on the other hand, had no such inhibitions and was openly staring at his face, studying the excitement in his eyes. Mr Simmonds rose, continuing to fondle my balls by stooping slightly and running the other up over my buttocks and lower back. Miss Nesbitt rose at the same time. She looked at the bulge protruding from his dressing gown.
“But look at you, you poor man.” She said. “What has he done to you?”
“Oh, yes.” Mr Simmonds almost coughed with embarrassment.
“Don’t be embarrassed. It’s his fault. Bending there like that. Here, let me.”
She reached out and unfastened his dressing gown cord. His huge cock fell out and into the open. She started to rub it.
“Oh dear. Its quite a lot to have to deal with” she motioned at me “He got you into this state. Does this happen every time you cane him?”
“Yes. Yes it does.”
“How do you normally deal with it?”
“He could show you.”
“That would be fascinating. Stand up and turn around boy.”
Miss Nesbitt’s tone could be commanding when she wanted to be and I stood immediately.
“See what you’ve done to this poor man.”
“Yes miss.”
“What do you normally do to help him.”
“I, I…”
“Yes, don’t be shy.”
“I suck it, miss.”
“Show me.”
My buttocks were still wretchedly sore, I was naked and alone with these two predatory creatures from heaven, I was erect and moist tipped and then I was kneeling in front of this man’s huge weapon. As before I started by teasing the tip with my tongue and lips. Just dallying it at the edge, getting it moist and even harder. He was pushing at my face slightly, nagging me for entry but I resisted by moving away in time with his movements. He quickly gathered what I was doing as I started to open my mouth and it became evident that my objective was to increase his pleasure and not to deny him relief.

I slowly opened my lips wider and took him further inside my mouth. Using my tongue underneath the tip of his cock I drew back and inside, almost pulling him in. His thrust was still to get further in but this was understandable. Clearly this man was turned on to the limits of his own ability to wait. For the first time it occurred to me that I might get two batches of sperm from him and the thought encouraged me to open up a little more and take him yet further inside. Pretty soon I felt him nudging at the back of my throat and as that started to relax I knew he wouldn’t be long.

Beside us Miss Nesbitt was rubbing the front of her dress, mewing sounds escaping from her lips. She too was nearing some sort of climax but I knew from delightful experience that the first orgasm was literally just that and it was always followed by more and bigger climaxes which grew in intensity and pace as the session went on.

Now fully accepting the thrusts of Mr Simmonds I felt my throat opening completely and him deep-throating me in an aggressive way. Miss Nesbitt stood and pulled Mr Simmonds’ dressing gown fully open then unbuttoned the top and slipped them both off his shoulders. She started to run her hands over his chest in small circling motions, scratching across his nipples. Then she bent and started to suckle at them. His aggression grew with this further stimulation and I felt the knob of his cock swelling to massive proportions until he started to shudder.

He had come in my throat before so I merrily believed that I knew what to expect. This occasion however, was to be very different. Miss Nesbitt’s hands worked their way down to his cock and as she gripped the base my lips brushed against them with every thrust. She ran around under his balls and squeezed them, his gasping only being silenced by her clamping her mouth over his. The knob in my mouth grew again and then literally exploded. I felt shot after shot of come jetting into my mouth and throat and I carried on deep throating him but now pulling further up the shaft and right up to and off the tip. The difference this time was that, even having extracted far more than before, he was still coming and it squirted all over my face. I quickly swallowed his full length again and milked it thoroughly. Slowly he subsided and I felt his cock soften.

Miss Nesbitt crouched beside me smiling.
“That’s a better boy.” She took my hand and stood up. “You can get up now.”
Of course my own cock was still very much in evidence it being very hard. I stood and she gripped it.
“We’ve still got this to deal with now haven’t we boys?”
I realised that it was really her that was in total control over what was going on. Both Mr Simmonds and myself were at her disposal and for her amusement. Mr Simmonds may have come but Miss Nesbitt was not yet satisfied.

Her hand continued to wank my cock and Mr Simmonds was a figure in the distant background.
“Come with me.” She said as she pulled me by my knob towards the bed. She seated herself on the edge and motioned for me to lie across her lap. I stretched myself across her, my cock crushed against her thigh and my sore buttocks in the air. She quickly set about spanking me rapidly and thoroughly, covering every inch of each buttock in turn. I noticed Mr Simmonds coming to life in the middle of the room. He was still naked and his cock half hard. His own hands roamed across his nipples as he studied Miss Nesbitt’s activities.

The heat rose though my bottom and I started to wriggle and dance. Then she slowed and stopped.
“Mr Simmonds.”
“Yes Miss Nesbitt?”
“Do you have any lubricant?”
“Yes I do.”
“Get it and then bend over the bed next to the boy.”
“Yes Miss Nesbitt.” His tone was deferential and he walked to the desk, opened the drawer and gathered a tube of something. He then came to my side and bent across the edge of the bed.
“Kneel on the floor behind him boy.”
I got up from her lap and knelt on the floor as instructed. She took the lubricant and rubbed it around my cock.
“Get the cane.”
I quickly collected it and handed it to her.
“Stand back boy.”
“Yes Miss Nesbitt.” She swished the cane through the air a few times.
“Mr Simmonds, you are going to receive twelve hard strokes of the cane. You will count them out and thank me for each one.”
“Yes Miss Nesbitt.”
She measured her distance, paused, raised the cane, paused again and then struck, hard and straight across the centre of his buttocks. He whistled breath in through his teeth.
“One Thank you Miss Nesbitt.”
Another predatory pause then the swish and crack.
“Two. Thank you Miss Nesbitt.”
Again and again the cane landed building up in intensity and pace until he finally gasped out the words.
“Twelve. Thank you Miss Nesbitt.”

She looked at me and moved her head to indicate that I should move closer. She took my stiff, hard cock and guided it towards his arse.
“You’re going to fuck him and I’m going to cane you.”
As I nudged against his muscle her hand pushed against my buttocks helping me in. He was gasping and gripping the bedclothes until he gave a long sigh as I finally found my way inside.

Once again I felt a cane tapping at my buttocks and, filled with the excitement of fucking I started to move faster and more passionately. Then it started to land . Fairly softly at first but quickly building into a savage rhythm and pace that matched my thrusting stroke for stroke.
“Keep fucking him.” She commanded as the cane fell from her hands. I turned and saw her opening her dress revealing her full, white breasts. The nipples were hard and she tugged at them and twisted them. Moving onto the bed she slid beneath Mr Simmonds’ face.
“Lick me” she instructed. Mr Simmonds buried his face instantly in the crotch of her panties and started to assault her mound.

The rhythm grew faster as my excitement intensified. Fucking this large aggressive man who was subserviently licking at a woman’s fanny was, as far as I was concerned, as good as it could get and I wanted to make the most of it. I gripped at the curve of his hips and rode him harder, pulling myself into him.
“Fuck me you bastard.” Gasped Miss Nesbitt. Without even noticing my weight and without disturbing my entry Mr Simmonds lifted us both above the bed in a press-up type movement and paused as she slid beneath him tearing off her panties as she did so. Supine and sighing she opened her legs to their limit and then curled them around the pair of us as he slid inside her. His movements matched my own and we fucked faster and faster, her hands reaching around him and tugging at my nipples as our three-way orgasm rolled through us, her first which caused her to contract around Mr Simmonds, sending him into an orgasmic frenzy of rapid thrusts. His orgasm caused him to contract and squeeze around me. This, in turn, brought me to a point of ecstatic thrusting as I found my bollocks turning into stirrup pumps as I squirted deep inside him.

The movement diminished to a slow and occasional last thrust. I slowly removed myself from Mr Simmonds and knelt on the floor, not quite knowing what to do and what the reactions of the two would be. Mr Simmonds, in turn, withdrew from Miss Nesbitt. She lay quietly returning her breathing to normal.
“Lick him clean.” She commanded me. I knelt up and swallowed Mr Simmonds’ cock. It was smaller now and I easily took it all in.
“Lick it all up.”
I ran my tongue around it and made lots of slurping sounds as I cleaned her odour and his spunk from his cock. He was gasping as though it was now too much.
“Now clean me out.”
I moved between her legs and licked around the outside of her fanny, thoroughly covering every inch of her and then buried my face in her, inserting my tongue inside her and doing my best to remove all trace of him.

“All right. All right.” She said. There was a note of urgency in her voice. Mr Simmonds was standing quietly beside me.
“Collect your clothes. You’ll come to my room tomorrow night.”
“Yes miss.”
“Kiss me before you go.”
I gathered my things from around the room and crossed it and bent to kiss her lips. She turned and allowed me a cheek.

I left and went to bed.

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What a fantastic story....Really enjoyed that..Thanks

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Very erotic

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