View Full Version : Second time unlucky

24-01-2009, 04:45 PM
Like so many of us, I was regularly spanked for bad behaviour when I was a kid and it was these experiences that have kindled my adult fascination. Also like so many of us,I don't necessarily remember ever spanking I got, but certain ones have stuck in my mind for a variety of reasons. For example one may have been particularly hard, another so very well deserved, but this one, I remember because it went a little bit wrong.

I can't actually remember what I got it for, but I clearly remember standing in my Mothers bedroom, she had just finished telling me off and had pronounced the sentence of "a good hard smack bottom". Now the one thing that was cast in stone was that if I was going to be smacked, then it would be on my bare bottom, without exception. She sat down on the end of her bed so that her knees were squared and ready to recieve me, she then ordered me to take down my trousers and pants. This was another of her "rules" I had to take them down myself, a sort of act of submission I suppose. As was often the case I tried to plead my way out of it, promised to be good, asked if I could keep them up etc. To be told that I was going to go over her knee and have a good hiding on my bare bottom.

It was at this point that she raised her foot and took off the slipper she was wearing and put it on the bed next to her, the intention was clear and brought a fresh round of protests. All had no effect and so I ended up lowering my trousers and then my pants, she always insisted they were taken right down to my ankles. Then came the dreaded command, "bend over my knee!" I always felt that once I was over her knee then I was beyond the point of no return, although of course this point was long past by this point.

My Mum always smacked hard, when she was really cross, she also spanked fast. On this occasion I didn't have long to wait and she began thrashing away on my bottom with her slipper. The thing was, beyong a light sting, it didn't hurt. Obviously I thought this was a real result, but I tried to make out that it was hurting with some incredibly bad acting which fooled no one. After about a minute of her walloping me, she stopped and i stood up. "That didn't hurt did it?" she said, and I tried to assure her that it hurt quite a lot and certainly enough to have taught me my lesson. She was trying not to laugh by now and I ended up smiling away too, promising to be good etc.

I felt her hand between my shoulders and she eased me back over her knee saying "I think I will just make sure". She adjusted my position across her lap, pushed my shirt up my back and got me just how she wanted me. I knew that she wouldn't make the same mistake again and she didn't. It seemed ages before the first slap landed and when it did, it felt like I heard it a split second before my backside registered a sharp explosion of pain, and almost before I could react the second slap landed.

She was calmer now and smacking at a slower, steady, and more thorough pace, slapping hard, two of three in one spot and moving round, covering the whole of my bottom and the tops of my thighs. Although the earlier part was a joke, it didn't take me long to realise that she was giving me a serious, severe smacked bottom. Soon I was in tears, begging for her to stop, I tried to put my hand in the way, this she just held out the way. All that could be heard in the room was the steady slapping of bare flesh, and me crying. In short, the sound of a naughty boy getting what he deserved.

And when she finally let me up, she had no need to ask whether that one hurt or not.