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19-11-2009, 06:36 AM
St. Agnes School for Girls


From: Ms. Lisa Jones, PE Tutor and form Tutor 6a.

To: Mr. T. Edwards, School Principal.

Priority: URGENT

Dear Mr. Edwards,

Can I please bring to your attention once more the behaviour of one of our six-form students, Susan Foster.
I have sent two previous memos in respect of this matter and do appreciate you have not been able to give it your full attention due to your involvement with the preperation for the forthcoming OFSTED inspection. Loathe as I am to interrupt you now, events have escalated to such a degree that I feel I have no choice but to ask you to give this request your urgent and undivided attention.

To reiterate my previous accounts of Miss Foster's recent conduct:

Prior to June of this year, Susan had been a well behaved student, polite, tidy in appearance and gave her full attention to her studies. There has been a slow but certain deterioration in recent months of what was hitherto to, an asset to our school. To itemise these now negative aspects:

Susan is increasingly flippant to myself and other teachers, sometimes it eminates itself as good natured humour, but increasingly bordering on the insultive, as if she is continually trying to test just how far she can test us, so to speak.

Her appearance has changed insofar that she has taken to wearing makeup and jewellery to school, both direct infringments of the rules, similarly she has on occasion arrived at school wearing none-uniform items such as short pencil skirts instead of the required knee length pleated one.

She has been late on more than can be acceptable occasions, both for the start of the school day and some of her lessons. When challenged to the reasons for her tardiness, she offers inventive, but clearly without credibility excuses.

I have disciplined Susan both by means of detention, given lines to write and by slippering her in front of the other girls, but as you are aware, I am only authorised to apply two moderate slaps on any one school day, across a girl's panties in front of the rest of the girls, intended to cause embarrassment only and to deter a further infringment, something I have very rarely had to do in the past, but becoming an almost daily, morning ritual with Susan and rather than being a deterrant, she seems to regard the slaps with the plimpsoll as some sort of trophy indicated by her arrogance and pride in her demeanour.

I have taken it on myself to try and establish both reason and cause for this decline, namely, by contacting Susan's parents. I was only able to speak with Susan's mother, her father now works abroad for the Foreign Office as an attache for the British Embassy in Brussels. Mrs. Foster, a well spoken but rather overly mild mannered lady, explained that Susan's behaviour both at school and at home apparantly, had changed for the worse ever since her father had left to take up his new promotion. It transpires that Susan's father has a much stronger influence than Mrs. Foster, Susan idolising him and hence respecting his wishes for her good manners and general deportment, it is very clear that Mrs. Foster has very little authority over Susan.

I would have left this matter until you are better disposed to deal with it, but there has been an occurance today which will require swift and immediate action if the reputation of the school is to be upheld. If I may elaborate:

I took the form register this morning as usual, I will admit at this point to have only having observed Susan's top-half, her school tie in what is now usual for her, tied mid-blouse in a half hearted attempt of a half Winsdor knot, the only other thing I noticed about her appearance was that her hair was a little more unkempt than ususal, the tie and the hair would have been sufficient justification for me to slipper her, but I waited for the usual sarcastic response, no doubt for the tittilation of the other girls, when I called her name......'Susan Foster'....to my suprise I received the response.......'Yes Miss' from a very subdued sounding Susan! On looking up from the register at Susan, I did notice her yawning rather heavily and her eyes behind her glasses looking somewhat 'droopy' as if she had little or no sleep the night before. I thought nothing more of it and decided to leave her slippering for her appearance until the next period as we were running late.

I dismissed the girls to go and change for their PE lesson which I was conducting. I followed them a couple of minutes later to the changing room, however I was summoned to the staff room en route to take a phone call. I spoke with a very distraught Mrs. Foster who enquired if Susan was at school? She informed me that she had not returned home the previous evening, and calls to her friends with whom she might be staying with had proven fruitless. I reassured Susan's mother to her whereabouts and that I would make immediate enquiries to where she had been the previous evening.

I approached the dressing room with the intention of reprimanding Susan, I was just about to enter but paused hearing a conversation through the partially open door, Susan being the most verbose. I did not hear all of the conversation, save that it was Susan giving account to the assembled girls of some nefarious adventure the night before. I looked through the gap in the door, all the girls were in a state of undress in preperation for PE, I was not prepared however, to see what I shall describe in respect of Susan, wearing matching satin panties and bra, suspender belt, barely black lace topped stockings and red high heeled shoes!

I decided to withdraw to the staff room with the intention of telephoning Mrs. Foster and conveying my observations, but immediately before, I gave account to what I had seen to the members of staff assembled and of her absence from home the previous evening. Mr. Brown commented that he had seen Susan being picked up by a man in a sports car, some years her senior, at home time yesterday, Mrs. Hawkins further stated she had observed Susan being dropped off at school this morning by a man and car matching Mr. Brown's account!

I believe it takes very little in the way of imagination to presume what has been happening and although Susan is of the age of consent, being now seventeen, she is to all intensive purposes, as far as the school and indeed her parents are concerned, a minor.

It would be very easy to attribute Susan's behaviour solely to a lack of parental control, but there is some small and I stress small, mitigation insofar that some girls do develop biologically much earlier than others, my meaning here is that Susan is fast becoming a young woman rather than a girl. This is merely a statement of fact and by no means excuses her behaviour.

Myself and other members of staff are truly at our wits end in this matter, not only is Susan's behaviour becoming intolerable, but she is establishing a detrimental standard to which the other girls will follow, there is already some evidence of girls emulating Susan's lead, she is to her credit a born leader, but regretably a very poor role model at the present time.

It is not my place to suggest what course of action you should take Mr. Edwards, I would suggest expulsion were it not for the fact that we would simply be moving the problem on, rather than trying to resolve it, another consideration being that we would be burdening further her already stressed mother.

I have done some research of the school charter, we are allowed under exceptional circumstances to apply more severe punishment than that I have already given Susan, the limit of my authority, but it must only be applied by a senior member of staff and with the express written permission of the person who pays the school fees, namely Mr. Foster, here father.

I have taken the liberty of telephoning Mr. Foster at the British Consulate in Brussels, explaining the situation. Mr. Foster agrees wholeheatedly that a much firmer approach should be taken with Susan, he also conveys his apologies both for the fact of her behaviour and that he is not able due to workload and distance, to resolve this matter himself. Mr. Foster has however, as it is not possible for him to give written permission immediately, suggested that he sends facsimilie signed authority to this effect, the fax arrived just prior to my writing this memo and is attached, marked 'Confidential'.

It is with heavy heart I now conclude this memo Mr. Edwards, never in my twenty-three years with the school, or for that matter in the history of the school, has there been justification for more severe punishment of a girl, I regret that it should happen now, but in redemtion, we are responsible for the welfare and moral well being of our girls whilst in our charge, and can only hope that it will be for Susan's own good.

I will leave any action you deem necessary in your very capable hands, again it is not my purpose to influence you, only to stess that on behalf of other staff members and myself, you are by far the most qualified person to expedite any action, given your accounts in conversation of your employment as headmaster in your previous boys school.

Ms. L. Jones


From: Mr. D. F. Foster, Head of Administration, British Consulate,
To: Mr. T. Edwards, Headmaster, St. Agnes School for Girls.

Dear Mr. Edwards,
Please covey my sincere thanks to Ms. Jones for bringing this matter to my attention.

Would you please further accept my profound apologies for both Susan's behaviour and for the fact that due to my circumstances I must delegate this matter to your good self.

I hearby give you full permission punish Susan, my daughter, in any way you deem necessary in order to adjust her behaviour.

D. F. Foster