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25-10-2013, 09:06 PM
HearThee Hear Thee

Gentleman of Ireland your country needs you,On the Lordís Day Friday 15th November 2013, we have 4 naughty girls coming to your fine shores. These girlsare in desperate need of punishment for their crimes.

The 4 naughty girls are Chloe, Imogen, Danielle and Spanking Sarah Bright. Theyare in desperate need of being placed across a male knee and spanked until theyare sore. It is the only way they will learn. There will be a full range ofimplements including the cane, strap, tawse, belt and wooden paddle.

The date of the party is Friday 15th November 2013 and the party will start at 1pm and end around 5.30pm. This is going to be a very small and discrete party. Thefirst half will be school girl theme.

If you want to switch with the girls you can during the second half of theparty. The party will take place in Central Dublin Ė D1.

Donít miss out. Please pay and reserve your places now for the Ireland SpankingParty. The party costs £180 / 220 euros

To see more pictures of the beautiful bottoms and read all the informationplease click on www.irelandspankingparty.com or ring 07763 870589. Please add44 if ringing from outside the UK.

Any questions please email irelandspankingparty@hotmail.com

Ireland Spanking Party