View Full Version : Today's spanking got cancelled....

11-08-2015, 05:09 PM
I was so looking forward to this afternoon when I was due to visit an old friend of mine for a much anticipated discipline session, unfortunately he emailed me this morning to cancel. The good news is though that we may well be meeting up tomorrow evening!

I've not visited him for over a year but I've been punished by him several times over the last five or so years. He's quite a pervert which I really love and our sessions always involve me dressing in authentic girls school uniform. He lives in a quiet street which allows me to arrive (by car) already dressed in my short pleated skirt, knee high socks, sensible school shoes, blouse, tie and blazer. The first time I did this was an enormous turn on as I had to get from the car in the street to his gate without actually being seen. Since that first time, I now park slightly further away each time, forcing myself to be out on the public footpath for longer. For today, I had requested a leg smacking immediately upon arrival and to be carried out before I even get in his front door. This was to be for being the insolent brat that I am. The remainder of the session was to be based around my poor performance at school and the ensuing punishment would be a mixture of the tawse and cane. He also told me that a full body examination would be carried out paying particular attention to my anus and vagina (i'm a guy so my penis will have to do!). He warned me that any staining found on my underwear would result in a severe caning. I'll need to make sure my little white panties are clean on tomorrow!

I really do hope he confirms tomorrow so that I can visit him after work and return home with a sore and welted bottom.