View Full Version : Need to be punished for impure thoughts

10-09-2015, 04:53 PM
Do you think that punishment is justified for impure thoughts. I am married, and a catholic, but find myself thinking more and more about slowly pulling down a man's trousers and pants, fondling his bottom, licking his rapidly hardening cock, and sucking its head until he comes in my mouth and over my face. When I got the courage to do this, we were caught by the man's old strict boyfriend. He told me I was a slut, and bent me over the back of the sofa. He ordered mt to pull dwn my trousers, then began spanking me methodically. he slowly pulled down my pants, fondling and slapping me. Then set top work in thoroughly spanking my bare bottom, with his hand, with a paddle, with a plimsole. His boyfriend looked on laughing and adding to my shame and humiliation.

When he was finally finished after what must have been over an hour, he kept calling me a slut and that I should get more of what I deserved. With that, i felt his hard cock rubbing against my sore bottom. Sudenly he was inside me, insulting me, and ramming his erect cock into me. His boyfrind stood in frnt of me and shut up my squeals by forcing his cock into my mouth. They came at the same time, my face covered in hot spunk and my bottom sore from the spanking and fucking.

Now I feel even more ashamed and guilty. I feel that somehow I had led them on and invted them to take advantage of me like this. So I also feel that I deserve a very long thorough spanking to make up for the guilt

11-09-2015, 05:41 AM
Oh my God, if you think you're slutty then I'm in real trouble.

Seriously though it sounds as though you had a great time and I know that the Catholic guilt thing is a cause of much apparently 'justifiable retribution', but, just like the Victorian work ethic I think it's a compass without a magnetic north: you can take it wherever you want.

As to the married bit: if you could get it at home, I imagine you would. If your partner is also a practising Catholic then, in my experience, there'd be all hell to pay if they found out so best find their guilty secret first.

My advice, for what it's worth, is to go back to those two guys and do it again but, this time, enjoy it.