• My very first spanking

    My very first experience was a couple of years ago, having done something I was a tad ashamed of but having enjoyed it at the time I have to say, but in the process of my enjoyment I upset someone I cared about and who I eventually lost, I wanted to make up for this in some way but was unable come up with a solution. One day whilst browsing on the net I came across a BDSM site, something new to me. It was here I learned about CP and spanking and this gave me an idea, I would get myself spanked and in my mind that would make up for what I had done, although the person I hurt was no longer around but I hoped it would be a suitable payment.

    I joined the site and placed an ad, I have several replies and turned most of them down but one of the replies appealed to me and I met this guy Nick. Having told him my story we agreed on the punishment which consisted of strokes of a belt followed by the cane which he supplied. I wasn’t really sure what I had let myself in for I though just a few lashes and it would be over and done.

    First of all I was required to remove just my trousers which I did and then was told to bend over a chair which I also did, whilst I was bending over and anticipating what was to happen Nick pulled down my boxer shorts and delivered 6 strokes of the belt to my bare buttocks, after this we moved over to the dining room table where I was stretched and bent over it, my hands were tied to the table legs and moment later I received another 6 from the belt, after a short pause I felt my first blow from the cane, at first I felt mild pain then it began to sting like mad, there followed another 12 of these, followed by another 12 from the belt. When that was over and as part of the punishment and something I was not expecting was to perform a sexual act with him, but as he was in control and it was my punishment I could hardly refuse. That was my first time and there have been a few more since.
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    1. Allsmoothuk's Avatar
      Allsmoothuk -
      That sounds a delightful introduction to spanking!

      I like the idea of 'a sexual act'...........
    1. puny's Avatar
      puny -
      I know exactly what you mean. I have had the same experience. It left me with a sore backside and a strange taste in my mouth.
    1. Bert1969's Avatar
      Bert1969 -
      I've never met with a Dom who doesn't want sexual favours as part of the punishment!! It shows they are in control, and I have come to like the humiliation.
    1. markhub's Avatar
      markhub -
      I plucked up courage and visited a disciplinarian for my first bout of punishment.

      She hand-spanked my bare bottom to get it nicely warmed up then handed me a pair of latex rubber pants to put on in readiness for a caning. The knickers were a bit small but I wriggled them on and was told that the latex rubber would enhance the 'stinging ' sensation of the cane and obviate the need to be severely thrashed in order to get the full benefit and I reached the heights of pleasure during my caning.

      I have worn latex rubber underpants ever since, and not just for fetish punishment but 24/7 sometimes especially in bed.!!
    1. markhub's Avatar
      markhub -
      My wife has since discovered my fetish for latex rubber and has purchased a pair of rubber knickers so we now mutually masturbate in our latex underwear, and fall asleep afterwards I our soiled rubbers.