• Spanking Safety Hints and Tips

    Spanking Safety Tips
    I did say in my post on this topic that I'm not the best person as my angelic hubbie tends to accompany me when I make a first visit so I gleaned stuff from the internet.

    I've divided it up into bits-size chunks: 1. Making contact, 2. First meeting, 3.Areas not to Spank/strike (Fascinating - I had no idea!)

    Making Contact:
    The general feeling seems to be that one's email address is very easily abused so give it out only when you really trust someone; use the Personal Messaging systems on sites like these or instant messaging until you know who you are dealing with. Don't publish your phone number.

    Negotiate limits and safe words either here or at first meeting. Some use the traffic light system, some use body language signals - hubbie knows that if I raise my bottom he can go harder if I stay very still he knows it's getting to me and kicking my legs up means back-off. If I'm squirming against the sofa arm or his knee then he knows I'm wanking.
    (Sources: Personal experience and Ubiquitous)

    Answer all replies to your advertisements even if to say 'no'.

    Be as honest as modesty will allow as saying you're twenty something when you are actually forty five is a recipe for disappointment on both sides.
    (Source: Bitter Experience)

    First Meeting:
    First meetings will always be safest if they take place initially in a public area, you can always move on the their/your place when you're both happy with what you see.

    For the first 'business' meeting
    it's always a good idea if someone knows where you are and when you will be back and for the person you are meeting to know this. I'm aware this can be difficult but I have met people who have merely asked someone to ring their mobile at a set time and react accordingly - this won't cover all eventualities but if the person you're meeting knows this then it can serve as a time limit for the session.

    Negotiate your safe-words here if you haven't already done so.

    Areas not to Spank/Strike
    Know which parts of the body are safe to hit. There are some parts of the body that you should avoid spanking at all times. Hitting these parts of the body can result in extensive, and sometimes fatal damage.

    The kidneys are located behind the muscles of the back in the area between the bottom of the ribcage and the top of the ass (where the crack starts). DO NOT spank anywhere in this area or you could damage your lover's kidneys.

    The tailbone is located at the base of the spine, a short ways down the crack of the bum. It not only hurts to be hit on the tailbone, it can be cracked or broken, which is an extremely painful experience.

    Hips: The sides of the bum and along the bony part of the hips. There are several nerves running along here and it would be best to avoid damaging them.

    The spine has several small bones in it that could be cracked or bruised.

    The neck is a very sensitive area, and at no time should it be hit. There are many major arteries, tendons, glands, and lymph nodes, not to mention the larynx.

    Damage to the eyes is pretty much guaranteed to be permanent. Damage on the face could be very painful not only physically, but mentally. It's best to avoid the face entirely to avoid any unnecessary damage.

    Hitting someone on the ears can cause permanent damage to their hearing. There are also delicate parts inside the ear that are associated with the body's sense of balance.
    Angelfire website)

    Hope this is okay and helpful. I'm sure there are people better qualified than me but I hope it's a good start.

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    1. ladyseeker's Avatar
      ladyseeker -
      I think this all makes a lot of sense and is a very good effort. BTW I love your photo and would dearly love to... well you know!
    1. goforit's Avatar
      goforit -
      very good advice from a expert in her field thankyou from a novice
    1. Robbie Edwards's Avatar
      Robbie Edwards -
      Hello yummy,

      Very good advice.

      May I suggest this site requires eveyone to read your post before they can message.

      Kind regards,
    1. slippermehard's Avatar
      slippermehard -
      Looking for a female to take me over there knee and give me a good hard slippering on my knickers and bare bottom. Have been looking for a very long time I live in Bolton. shootracer@icloud.com for more info genuine women only please and yes I am male (single)
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