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    Default Spanking my teenage daughter's naughty friend


    One of my fantasies is to catch my teenage daughter's friend misbehaving, to ring her parents for permission to spank her and be told that she has never been spanked but that I can deal with her as I see fit. Then to scold her soundly before turning her over my knee, baring her behind and giving her a sound hand spanking. When her bum is nice and warm I would introduce her to the slipper and wallop her until she has a bright red sore bottom and is wailing over my knee.


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    Default Re: Spanking my teenage daughter's naughty friend

    Perhaps a variant.

    Put her over my knee, pull her skirt up, take her knickers down for a good spanking.

    THEN the scolding for which she has to remove her skirt and stand with her hands on her head, knickers still around her thighs, while she's being lectured.

    Then slipper (or whatever)

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