I recently received this message from a young spankee looking for a session:-

On Jan 3, 2012, at 8:45 AM, tom wrote:
Hi Sir,
How do you like your sessions to go. What clothing, implements, positions, acts etc,

I thought you might be interested in my response:-


I love spanking! Any kind!

Typical session might be:
You strip down to just your pants & I do the same. You stand in front of me & admit your transgressions and agree to accept whatever punishment I decide.

I inspect you fully before pulling you over my knee to begin spanking. Your bare flesh on mine. After a few strokes over the pants I pull them down to give me unimpeded access to your naked buttocks. During the spanking I stop frequently to rub your bum gently as this helps me prolong the spanking and also gives me lots of time to admire your smooth round bottom. First it turns a delicate shade of pink, then gradually turns redder & redder.

When I decide you have had enough I will probably ask you to stand in the corner to think carefully about why you are being punished. I might feel your bum up a little while you stand there!

After a reasonable interval, I will ask you to come back & face me & discuss whether you have learnt your lesson. Then bend over the chair for the paddle (one makes a lot of noise but the other stings - which would you prefer - you will probable get both).

Then I will find a convenient spot for you to bend over for a few strokes of the riding crop before the agreed number of strokes with the cane (choice of 3). You will then present yourself for inspection again when I will probably give your cock particular attention.

Depending on what you like I might then force you down on your knees to suck my cock or enjoy some other fun if you wish.

Hope you like this

Please send me a picture.


I usually love spanking ladies bottoms but occasionally consider spanking a nice smooth round male bottom for a change.