I posted an ad here a while ago and it seems to have been removed, not sure why as I posted a link to this forum in my own?
So here is a second attempt:

Corporal Punishment Reminiscences Forum:

Do you have an interest in reading and submitting true reminiscences of corporal punishment, as given in the "good old days"?
Did YOU yourself get corporal punishment at school or at home?
The new CP Rem Forum may be the place for you!

The forum is male only, and is a spin off site, from the Yahoo Group "Corporal Punishment Reminiscences"

The site is offered FREE OF CHARGE and currently contains the following forums:

  • News - Community News & Announcements
  • Suggestions/Issues -
  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF - All new members are encouraged to introduce yourself here
  • School CP - For the discussion of the CP you received or witnessed at SCHOOL for REAL
  • Home CP - For the discussion of the CP you received at HOME for REAL
  • Institutional CP - To discuss the CP you may have got from the police, military, Judicial etc
  • CP Rem Cinema - A selection of video clips depicting instances of CP from mainstream movies & the media
  • Spoken Word: Getting CP - Clips of people or members telling what CP they got audibly
  • Famous Males & CP - Discussions of the CP that famous males received
  • My CP Re-Enactments - Place to share your own photos etc of roleplay's, marks etc
  • Meets - A place to advertise for meets

There are currently 2346 topics within the forums, totalling 16,186 posts
The cinema, currently contains over 782 clips, all playable directly on the site, of depictions of CP from mainstream movies. The clips are ever growing with lots more to be posted.
The site offers a facebook style chat facility at the bottom of every screen, as well as it's own proper chat room - which allows private chats and whispers.
Each member has a basic profile, to which can be added profile photo, avatar and your own photo album
Members can private message each other on the site, and where a member has allowed it, can email each other direct to your inbox too. Members can also add a form of messenger contact to their profile page too if they desire.

Membership Requirements:

  • You must be MALE
  • You must be 18 years old or over
  • You must have a genuine interest in our topic
  • You must be prepared to contribute, both in terms of your own experiences, and by making comments, raising questions etc in relation to our clips or other members contributions.
  • You must within the first month of membership, upload a profile photo and avatar. These ideally should be school age photos of yourself. You must also make your first post within the first month.

The forum is not a place to simply lurk. Members with zero posts by one month will be removed.
The forum is not a place for fetishists or people just wanting to chat about sexual spanking.

The forums are getting quite lively, and if this sounds like your cup of tea, why not join


Please note: Only members can see the content - to attempt to give as much anonymity as possible

Please us a valid email address (set one up just for this if anonymity is an issue) as you will be required to verify your membership via the email sent back to you. It is also useful for receiving messages on topics to which you subscribe or notifications of private messages received on the site etc