I am a retired professional man who has been involved with spanking off and on for many years and have a good deal of experience. I absolutely delight in ‘handing out’ a great OTK spanking to discerning ladies.
That said I’ve known to chastise the most ill-behaved miscreants with a variety of paddles and canes and particularly like to see a well striped bottom.
It isn’t often that I can accommodate sessions at my house but I’m always happy to travel to dispense corrective discipline.
My other interests include photography and I have my own small studio adjacent to my house. A few special ladies have been invited here so that the results of their punishment can be recorded for posterity.
I enjoy some role play always allowing that you know where it will end – as in your end!!
I am not looking for a relationship other than a mutual enjoyment of the delight offered by the best in CP.
A few bits about myself:-
I try to keep reasonably fit and visit a gym two or three times a week.
A pretty good sense of humour and a wide interest in music – very much from the 70’s and the classics.
Would love to chat here and maybe by email if OK with you.