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    Default What was your first experience of the cane.

    Mine was after a run in with my mother. It was evening and I was sent to bed early. Usually this meant I was going to get a hand spanking by my mother but this time my father walked in with a cane and told me to bend over bed and caned me over pyjamas. Later my mother came in and rubbed my bottom. That I think was the starting point of a lifelong interest in spanking.

    What was yours?

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    Default Re: What was your first experience of the cane.

    Hi Martin
    Personally not caned at school (that came later as an adult!)
    But many happy slippering teachers in my youth
    Who were happy to indulge rude kids in a soundly slippered bum!
    I think I've waffled on about my caning from a naughty man.

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    Default Re: What was your first experience of the cane.

    Mine was about 8 years ago with a headmaster in his front room stripped naked and bent over a stool after a warm up of hand strap slipper.i got 12 strokes of a junoir then senior cane the sting was amazing all my fantasies were really happening the sting was amazing . He then rubbed cream on my stripey sexy buttocks and wanked me off it eas truly amazing xx

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    Default Re: What was your first experience of the cane.

    Mine was in school, mid 80s, I’d come back from France with some bangers, and thought it a good idea to let them off at school! I was dragged out of my Gym class by the headmaster, just a vest and a pair of shorts on, he dragged me into the boys changing room, bent me over a bench and gave me 6 quick hard strokes of the cane, I refused to cry, but the pain was excruciating! Later I remember wanking over the experience! It’s been recreated several times in adult life.

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    Default Re: What was your first experience of the cane.

    I never got into trouble at school but was always fascinated by school based cp and watching others get it so I made sure my first experience of the cane came at the hands of the highly respected, adult school scene caner Miss Hardcastle/Hastings-Gore.

    Cp had always been a guilty secret of mine since my teen years.
    I'd fantasised about it on and off throughout my life and thought I was some kind of weirdo for being drawn to it.
    As time has gone on, this fantasy has never gone away so I decided to take the plunge and see if the reality is as good as the fantasy.

    I'd been watching spanking videos and been a member of some film sites for years and had always been a huge fan of Miss Hastings work for many years, and had always wondered what it would be like to be caned by her.
    I plucked up the courage, sent her an email and booked a 1-2-1 session with her.
    It was to be in the form of a school style detention where I would report to her as Headmistress for punishment.

    I booked an appointment, cobbled together something that resembled a school uniform and went to see her.
    I'd played with a previous girlfriend before. She would beat me with a riding crop for a bit of kinky fun which I really enjoyed but I'd never done anything like this before.

    I explained that I had some experience but hadn't done anything properly before and wanted to experience a caning.
    Miss Hastings put me at my ease and offered to use some of her different implements on me as a warm up and to see which ones I liked.

    I agreed and we began.

    What a fantastic experience!!
    We started off with some school tests with punishment if I got things wrong. It took me back to my school days but I didn't get any punishment at school.
    This time it included the real thing.

    Miss Hastings started with hand spanking then moved on to leather paddles and straps. Firstly over my shorts and underpants then on my bare bottom increasing the intensity as we went on.
    She introduced me to a school style slippering using a size 11 plimsoll. I'd seen it loads of times but never experienced it.
    I absolutely loved that!!

    Then, towards the end of the session came the culmination.
    The cane!

    Because I'd never experienced it she said she was going to start first over my shorts.

    As I bent over I was wondering "What am I doing? Am I mad? I'm about to be caned by Miss Hastings"
    But, this was it, this was what I had been wondering about for all those years and now here I am about to be caned by Miss Hastings.
    Do I want to really go ahead with it?
    Would it be better to leave it in the realms of fantasy?
    Too late!!

    When that first stroke landed, after I'd had a few seconds to process the pain of the experience, I was hooked.
    This was amazing! It was all I'd hoped for and more.

    She gave me 6 strokes over my shorts then asked me what I thought.
    I told her I was okay.
    Okay?? I was loving it.
    6 strokes over my underpants followed. She asked again how was I doing!
    "I'm still doing alright thanks" I answered hardly able to contain myself.
    Then I asked her for another 6 on the bare.
    "Are you sure?" she asked.
    At the time I was 'in the moment' I would have pleaded with her for it.

    I'm sure caning isn't for everyone but it is for me.

    I still visit Miss Hastings for her school detention days in Wakefield when I can.

    Thank you so much Miss Hastings for introducing me to the wonderful world of caning.

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    Default Re: What was your first experience of the cane.

    my first was aged about 12/13 at school
    apparently I had been cheeky to a master and was taken out in front of the class
    had to drop my shorts bend over a chair and got 4 strokes on the seat of my underpants

    that was the first of many canings there

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    Default Re: What was your first experience of the cane.

    some unrealistic replies haha- mine much more mundane in the English book stockroom with Head of English bent over a little table and given 3 quick strokes across my trousers.
    Very hard to reproduce such scenes though i think about it every day

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    Default Re: What was your first experience of the cane.

    The cane!
    It should strike fear into anybodies heart who has been the recipient of a hard caning!
    From those who received it at my school it was only for extreme cases like attacking a teacher or brutal bullying.
    I still couldn't understand the mentality of those boys (I never heard of a case of a girl being caned not at my time there)
    That were repeat offenders and just took canings as an occupational hazard!
    Perhaps they had particularly high pain thresholds?
    Needless to say I didn't necessitate the need to push a teachers patience to that degree....I received more slipper punishments at primary school than in secondary school and no canings whatsoever.
    But something about the cane must have troubled me enough as an adult to seek out a session with an experienced hand
    and obviously as an adult the motivation was primarily a sexual thing but I could not believe how much it hurts to be beaten.
    I had been given a warm up with a strap and paddle.
    But nothing prepares you for that first swipe if I live to be a hundred I don't think I'll ever forget it..
    The sound of that cane swishing through the air and stopping abruptly as it meets the soft flesh with a resounding Whack!
    It really did take my breath away.
    Thank goodness The chap who was laying on the strokes knew well what he was doing and measured the strokes well with firmness and good pacing out.
    It wasn't a barbaric judicial type caning I didn't want to be bloodied.
    But I think I managed 8 strokes before he stopped and said he didn't want to break the was nice to have been given the option as he could have continued. But I couldn't believe the heat generated from my backside it was like a furnace.
    I'm sure some people can and do take much harder punishments but for me and my first time it was plenty and something I'll not forget in a hurry.

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    Default Re: What was your first experience of the cane.

    At school the cane was mainly used on your hands, only once was the cane used on the bottom and it was me, I was late coming out of the showers, Mr Ralph the games teacher stopped me and told me to bend over which I did then he said “remove your towel” had two strokes on the cane on my bare arse

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    Default Re: What was your first experience of the cane.

    I didn't get the cane at school. But once I got interested in CP my adult years , met up with a man via a specialist magazine -this was before the 'Web ! And went round to his house.
    I was very naive at the time, and got talked into taking the cane. Hadn't realised that chap had been drinking spirits before I visited and
    when he was caning me, he seemed to keep hitting me in the same place on the backside. So I ended up with a great bruise.
    Look back and realise I got talked into going out of my depths.
    Obviously take responsibility for the situation I put myself in, but wasn't a great introduction to the cane.
    Have had better sessions since then with men who really know what they are doing.

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