Strict discipline was the norm at my school in the 1960s..
It was run by A ruddy faced portly gentleman called Tobias Crudd.
Behind his back he was "Cruddy" but woe betide you if he caught you saying it to within hearing range!!
Most of us did our level best to keep away from him and his suspicious watchful eyes but as fate sometimes hands you a "bum" deal inevitably sometimes you'd run foul of "old Cruddy! "

Mr Crudd had the parents sign a consent form which amongst other things gave him the right to
use physical discipline on his pupils...a right he gleefully upheld and depending on his mood varying severity...

If he was feeling gracious it may just be a spanking with the flat of his hand ,not pleasant but soon forgotten....if you'd incurred his wrath more than three times in a month then kiss goodbye to sitting comfortably for a week!

The ritual was generally after school beatings and it wasn't uncommon to see wretched faced boys and girls waiting in joint misery at their name being called and opening and closing his study door before the muffled sounds of a hard whacking ensued...

It sounds harsh but some of our home lives were no bed of roses either and if your parents discovered that your behaviour had been bad at school you could often end up with double punishment!!

At one time it was quite commonplace to walk past a house and hear the sound of a slipper or hairbrush being applied to a bare bottom and the following howling of the spankee!

I found myself in the line of fire when a football I had booted at my buddy rebounded off him straight into the face of Mr Crudd squashing his nose and sending his glasses flying into a bush....

Mr Crudd flushed red then purple with rage and beckoned me over "Find my glasses boy!"
As I knelt I felt an angry kick up my bottom from Mr Crudd "Ouch!"
I managed to find his glasses but as he snatched them from me one arm broke and I still had the glasses minus one arm in my hand...

A nervous giggle escaped from me ...
And Mr Crudd twitched and bellowed" See me after school!!

It was a miserable afternoon waiting for the end of school I considered doing a bunk but knew I'd cop it eventually!!

Two others were waiting outside Cruddys office
An older boy who had been smoking and got caught and a girl who had poured paint over another girls head in an art lesson.

Both went in before me so I had to listen to two lots of whacking and wailing before it was my turn... it sounded a bit fierce both the boy and girl leaving the study red faced and no doubt red bottomed too!!

I gulped and stuck out my chin to take it like a man as I was called in to face my nemesis..

Mr Crudd looked hot and bothered I supposed all those whackings he'd dished out had tired him out
Ah the footballing giggler how nice to join me!!
You'll be pleased to know I've spoke to your parents and you'll be receiving a warm welcome on your return home!
Oh what an old bastard I'll be getting it from my parents too!! I thought

Mr Crudd had me touching my toes while he decided what he was going to whack me with
Opting for a battered old training plimsoll
He yanked down my trousers and pants so I was at full bend mooning him mightily...
Well presented lad he commended now let's hear you giggle through this!!
Mr Crudd swiped heavily at my poor bum
Swapping hands at one point when one arm got too tired
My behind felt like it had been thumped and scalded as Mr Crudd played his merry spanking tempo out on my burning arse...
Finally after he'd vented his anger on my purple bum cheeks he allowed me to stand..
I was red faced and gasping but wouldn't cry
He made me sign the punishment book and told me to get out!
It was a painful bike ride home trying not to sit on the saddle..
Only to be met by my dad at the garden gate with a garden cane in his hand!!

Apparently our neighbours complained about the noise coming from our house that afternoon!!