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    Default Re: active members and guests

    It is quite easy to find the active members.
    At the top of the page click community, scroll down and click Member List.
    Click on the heading Last Visit.
    The list is then sorted by the most recent visit.

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    Default Re: active members and guests

    I like this site!!
    I found a contact friend
    It didn't last forever but I have happy memories!
    And I love the banter
    I dont live the lifestyle..just dabble
    But it works for me!

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    Default Re: active members and guests

    I too have had a lot of success here. I have found quite a few people I've sent on to my husband so he can arrange for them to deal with me in the ways described in my blog posts. In fact I'd say the best have come from here as a lot of other sites seem to produce wham, bam, thank you ma'am type of replies along with the, already heralded, cock shot.

    I know that when I'm at someone else's computer I never log in, just view what I can as a guest and then delete history.

    Although our esteemed site owner says most ladies do the approaching on the QT, I seem to get approached quite often. Maybe that's because of the afore mentioned blogging activity or maybe I'm just a little brazen. Certainly I don't seem to remember many posts by the (un)fairer sex - perhaps we're shy.

    It would be a shame to limit members by time but perhaps by some measure of activity. Not sure if that's possible. I also seem to remember there was a rating system in the early days. Perhaps that could be re-introduced.

    My thanks go to John for making all this possible.


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    I have set the limit at 30, it was 100. Hope this helps

    Quote Originally Posted by red hand View Post
    I agree.
    Surely those absent for a year should be deleted.
    I also suggested in the past that the last visitors to my profile should be contained to 20 at max.
    As i find it annoying to click on my far too lengthy visitors (members) list and find some have not been active for 2 years or more.
    So can the mods please give this consideration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happygolucky View Post
    I have set the limit at 30, it was 100. Hope this helps
    Many thanks.
    This is now an easier task for me to keep up to date with anyone who may be intereted in me.

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