It has taken some time but I have now realised that I am in fact 'Pansexual'

Pansexual people are people attracted to people regardless of their gender

I really love spanking anybody and everybody and what I list next are just certain ultimate preferences but worry not In reality I don't turn anyone away!
Anyone with a pulse.... 18+ younger the better, Thin/Slim build. Non hairy....

I have an extensive arsenal of implements but prime marily I'm a big fan of Hand spanking especially OTK for younger lighter clients. I favour anything below a medium hard level of punishment and downwards ... really lighter the better...however I will wind up my strong arm for clients who have earned it more ways than one.

That said I always insist on having safe words in place and in establishing ground rules in advance before any meeting especially in regard to any sexual contact

I am retired... though not from I favour weekday daytime meets but again for a special client I may be able to make special arrangements to accommodate them at any time 24/7!

I usually entertain 'pupils' at my home which is a cosy flat attached to a premises that is closed most of the time during the week and stands in 10 acres of grounds.

I am happy to engage in any roleplay arranged in advance. Headmaster. Doctor etc.. only limited by your imagination and my wardrobe.

Enough already ...if you've read that lot.... well done
Message me and we can see if we have sufficient in common to make a meeting work for both of us

Good Luck and I hope you see your bottom soon!