Just joined this site, please read my summary:-
Im a sweet natured, bright, respectful, if occasionally naughty and always spankable slight UK schoolboy ( late 50's going on 11-13, GSOH, and completely discreet), who needs to be sent on visits to kindly mature Aunties,Uncles, Headmasters/ mistresses and convincing TV/ CD Aunts most welcome) who will gently but firmly take me in hand and across knee in a loving but strict home where old fashioned standards are maintained and scoldings, slapped legs, sound spankings and especially the slipper all rule unquestioned for a silly little boy.

So if you can offer a ‘tears before bedtime’ domestic time-trip back to a reassuring world (circa 1950's) of short trousers, visits to the Head's study supervised bathtimes or post-bath inspections, cotton pjs, early bedtimes and my hot bare bottom being bounced over / on your knee that tell me I’m loved and looked after, I would love to arrange to visit you, anywhere in the country.
I hope later this year to be able to accommodate as I will be moving and able to invite all discerning people who believe in and enjoy an era where a strict 1950's discipline was used to teach naughty, unruly schoolboys the error of their ways.
I am also able to play the part of :- schoolgirl(s) have junior and high-school authentic uniforms, maids and serving staff outfits, housekeeper - all these parts played include the hair/ make-up, to look convincing.
I also now have various outfits, hair, glasses to play the role of a strict mature Aunt as I move into my latter days. Although I am/ prefer the submissive role the Aunt role I can play is just another thing to try out and enjoy with people should they wish.
thanks for reading this