I'll give you some details about the last meet I had, with someone I met through the spankingcontacts website. He was much older, over 70 and I was to be his first experience of dealing with a submissive. We'd been corresponding for a couple of weeks and clearly had a lot in common. He told me that as he had a regular carer and wasn't always 'in the mood' and that he would contact me when he was up for a visit and had some time to himself.

I was at work on a Thursday morning and received an email asking if I'd be available later that day. I am in and out of the office and can meet at very short notice so dropped him a reply saying just let me know when and I'll be there. He asked me to take a picture of myself, bare arsed and send it to him, as he was clearly in the mood so I found an empty office, dropped my trousers and pants and sent him a pic, with that day's paper draped over my back so he knew I was genuinely taking it there and then.

He replied almost immediately, with his address, which I knew was a twenty minute drive from my office and asked me to arrive at mid-day. Thanks to sat-nav, I found his house, knocked on the door and he ushered me in. He was wearing just a dressing gown as I walked into his living room.

The first thing he said was that he didn't want me to look at him and told me to look at the floor at all times. I obviously did as I was told and replied 'yes Sir' as I was staring at the carpet. He told me to go upstairs to his bedroom, remove all my clothes, except my underpants and come back downstairs. I did as I was told.

I came back into the living room and stood in front of him, still staring at the floor. He told me to put my hands behind my head and spread my legs, then walked round me, touching here and there. As it was his first time, it was all a bit rushed and he couldn't wait to get started on me. He told me he liked what he saw and immediately asked me to bend over a pouffe he'd placed in the middle of the room. I did as I was told and he asked me where the riding crop was that I'd promised to bring. Unfortunately, as soon as I got in my car to get over to him, I realised I'd left it at home so had to apologise and admit that I'd forgotten it. He went into the hallway and picked up a carpet-slipper and came back in telling me that I'd better not forget it again.

Feet together and bent over, he slid my pants down over my arse, to my ankles and grabbed each butt cheek and gave it a good squeeze. I kicked off my pants and spread my legs, my bum perched in the air as much as possible. He didn't hang around and started spanking me with the slipper, one cheek after the other. I have a decent pain threshold which he didn't like so started slapping harder and harder with the slipper. To be honest, it was quite soft so didn't cause me too much pain so he started slapping his hand fairly quickly. He did have large strong hands so the first few slaps took my breath away. As I started to moan and my cock started to stiffen, he dropped the dressing gown he was wearing. Now I don't know for certain but I think he must have taken some Viagra because I caught a glimpse of his cock and not only was it massive but it was absolutely rock hard.

He kept on spanking with his hand until I started to hop from one foot to the other and gasp with every stroke. He kept this up for a short while but as soon as I received a swift, sharp slap and my arms buckled, he stopped and began to caress and stroke my buttocks. I relaxed a little and he walked round in front of me. Still bent over the pouffe, his cock was now directly in front of me and as I was still looking at the floor, he put one hand under my chin and raised my head slightly. One hand under my chin and the other behind my head, he prodded his cock into my lips. I opened wide and took as much as I could. Realising I couldn't get much in, he started rubbing the length over my face and lips. He told me to start at his balls and lick it up and down, I was like a kid with a lolly, licking from his balls to his throbbing head.

He knew exactly how he liked it and I was getting constant instruction when to squeeze his balls, suck the head, lick his shaft and I can only assume I was doing a good job as it got to a point where he felt like he was going to bolt, my head being forcibly skewered onto his cock before he pulled it out with a groan and walked back behind me and picked up the slipper again.

I must have taken at least another fifty strokes over the next fifteen minutes or so but still managed to keep from crying out, other than the odd groan here and there. Every now and then he'd stop with the slipper and would rub his cock up and down my arse crack and I was convinced he was going to try to fuck me at some point.

He stopped what he was doing and picked something up from his dining table. I had noticed a box earlier but had paid no attention. He put it front of my face and I'll be honest and say I'd never seen anything like it. It was like some sort of dildo but curved and shaped like some sort of g-spot stimulator with a lump at the end. He squirted some lube at the top of my hole and let it drip down. When I was covered, he started pushing it in so I pushed against it until I felt the lump against my cheeks. When it couldn't go any further he switched it on. The vibration, deep inside, made me squirm like mad and I could hardly stay on my feet. He kept digging it in until my legs were shaking. When I was close to collapsing, he pulled it out and I dropped to my knees.

He obviously saw this as another perfect opportunity to use my mouth and again, grabbed my head and rubbed his cock all around my face. I was getting a bit more used to the size and was able to take a bit more in, each time he shoved his cock in my mouth and only gagged when he really shoved it down my throat. When I'd gagged a few times and his cock was dripping with my saliva, he told me to go upstairs. I went up and was directed to his bathroom.

He had a single shower cubicle and switched it on, he got in and asked me to wash him, which I did, paying particular attention to his cock, balls and arsehole. When I'd cleaned him from top to bottom, he got out and I dried him, now it was my turn. I was told to squat down so my bum cheeks were sitting on my heels, knees spread. Hands behind my head again, he told me to move my feet apart, which also spread my cheeks. He took the shower head, turned the temperature to very luke-warm and upturned it so the jets were spraying almost cold water under my balls, around my arse and over my cock. It was so ticklish but an incredible sensation. He put the shower head down and squirted a handful of shower gel, which he massaged all over my solid cock. He rubbed it round my balls and slid his hand under to my hole. As he was cleaning back and forth, a finger would slip in here and there until he was basically washing my balls with his palm and my hole, with his fingers. I had my eyes closed, facing upwards as the was impaling me on his finger. He pulled out of me and showered all the suds off, turning the water fully cold before he'd finished. I got out shivering and was passed a hand towel to dry myself with. As I was drying, he walked out of the room and disappeared. He called me to him and I found him in the bedroom.

There was a wicker armchair at the foot of the bed, which he was sitting in. I walked in and naturally knelt in front of him. He put one leg over the other and hovered his foot in front of my mouth. Open up, he said, as he prodded his foot forward. I took his foot in my hand and starting with his big toe, began to lick, one by one. I had no idea what to do so just tried to suck each toe one after the other, licking up and down the sole every now and then. He took his foot away and crossed the other leg over so I could give the other one the same treatment. I did what he wanted but this time, he told me to take it all in so I was struggling to ram his whole foot in my mouth. He was pushing against my mouth, cramming his toes in until again, I was gagging and dribbling all over his foot. With his toes gripping over my lower teeth he forced my head to the ground. His dry foot pinned my head to the carpet while we wiped the wet one all over my face. When he'd had enough, he told me to work my way up so slowly, I started to kiss over the top of his feet, up the ankle and shin, to his knees. I made my way up his thigh, spreading his knees as I did, until my forehead touched his still rock-hard helmet. I raised my head and reached for his cock with my tongue. I knew what he liked now and had one hand pulling gently on his balls as the other stroked up and down his shaft, all the while trying to suck as much into my mouth as possible. I kept this up until I heard him breathing really heavily and felt him pulsing in my mouth. All of a sudden he pulled out and slapped me across the face, which brought me back into the room with a jolt. Not yet, he said.

For some reason, I turned into a total submissive and put my hands on the floor in front of me and lowered my head to my hands. I could see nothing but heard him get up and open a wardrobe. He took something out and walked behind me taking my arms and pulling them behind my back. He slipped something round my wrists, which I could only think was a neck-tie and secured my hands behind my back. He helped me stand up and when I was on two feet looped another one around my face so I was blindfolded. I could see nothing so my ears were working overtime. I heard some jangling but had no idea what was going on, until I felt his fingers tweaking and pulling my nipples. I have really sensitive nips and felt them harden immediately. He pulled them, hard and clipped something to the right one first. It burned, which was all I could think about, until he pulled and clipped the other. The clips or pegs must have been on a chain or tether because they were both being tugged at simultaneously. I groaned as he pulled at them, trying to stay put but rocking onto the balls of my feet. He kept pulling until I rocked off the balls and had to take a step forward, he led me round for a while, by my nipple lead. Before pushing me onto his bed. I collapsed on the mattress as he maneuvered me around so I was face down in the middle. He took my legs and spread them one at a time. Each one was tied off, either side of the bed. Hands tied behind my back and legs spread, I was immobile, nipples still burning beneath me.

I have no idea what it was but it wasn't the carpet slipper he was using. Something a lot firmer administering a sharp pain began slapping my arse cheeks. It took my breath away but my cock responded immediately, stiffening. My hands clasped together as he rained down the blows on my butt. My bum was getting really hot as he kept on beating me. Unable to move, I was close to tears after some time. It seemed like forever but in reality was probably only about ten minutes. As I started to jump and groan with each slap, he stopped and I felt him climb on the bed. He must have been on his knees on front of me because I felt that massive cock prodding at my lips. I opened up immediately and he pushed himself in. Slowly at first, he was rhythmically fucking my mouth. I tried to make the most of the break, until he started slapping again. Each time he thrust his cock in, he gave me another blow so I was sucking and gasping, at the same time. My groans turned to whimpers as I was struggling for breath and trying to handle the pain at the same time. He must have realised I was suffering, for the first time today as he pulled his cock out and got off the bed.

He untied my legs but left my hands tied and the blindfold on. I was dragged off the bed until I was kneeling at the foot. I felt the chain or tether between my nipple clips being pulled, really pulled until I felt like they were being ripped off. The first peg pinged off and my nip burst into flames. As I cried out and bent over, the other one came off, with the same end result. I was writhing around, both nipples on fire, almost in tears. I felt his hand sitting me up and he whipped off my blindfold. As my eyes focussed, the first thing I saw was his cock. I want you to see this, he said. He looked down at me smiling a he took my head in his hands. Hands still immobile, he used my head like a human kebab and skewered himself into me. His cock was pushing against my tonsils and trying to push past them. He was like a man possessed, fucking my face at a crazy rate. He kept this up, getting more and more intense as I was gagging and retching all over him until at last, he pulled out, held my face in front of him, his hands pulling my mouth as wide as possible, until he roared, spraying his come all over my face and down my throat. When he'd finished shaking and bucking, he placed his cock in my still gaping mouth and asked me to clean it up. As gently as I could, I sucked and licked every last drop I could from him.

At this point I was rock hard and waiting for him to finish me off or at least make me do it myself in front of him. He untied me, told me to get dressed and kicked me out, saying he'd be in touch when he next felt like it. Next time, I definitely wont forget the crop...and the other stuff I've bought.