It's a lovely sunny day and I'm stuck inside, but I don't really mind because I'm sat perched on the edge of Pollys sofa.
Polly is lay across my lap, wearing only a rather nice 6 strap black and red suspender belt, black seamed stockings and high heels.
Her beautiful arse is raised slightly, ready for the lube I'm about to spread into her arsehole and I can already feel my right thigh becoming warm as her juices soak through my jeans.
I warm the lube and rub it inside and around her puckered hole and then take her buttplug and gently, but firmly insert it all the way in.
I hear a muffled "hhhhhhhmmmmmmm" noise from her pretty, filthy mouth and feel my thigh get a little wetter. We're ready to start.
I gently rub her right buttock, warming it a little and then, without warning, raise my hand by about 18" then bring it down quickly and firmly with a loud, satisfying "CRACK", this brings an equally satisfying noise from Polly and I do it again, and again and again until her arse starts to glow lightly red.
I turn my attention to the left buttock and repeat, over and over, I'm not counting, I'm staring happily at my handiwork, the sexiest arse I've ever seen, bright red because of my touch.
I stop spanking and start to rub my hand along Pollys very wet hole and then place 2 fingers inside and bring them gently in and out, using my thumb to play with the buttplug as I do so.
"More" pants Polly "more, put your whole hand in"
I'm not a nasty person, I'm here to give pleasure, so I put another finger in and try to rub her clit with my little finger as I do so.
Polly cums for the first time, loudly and it feels like she is pissing on my hand. I keep going until all 4 fingers are inside her and my thumb is making circular motions on the tip of the plug making Polly gasp and writhe as she swears loudly and howls as she cums again.
I remove my hand and Polly moves her arse back in an attempt to get it back in but my hand has moved to pick up the paddle that was placed next to me in readiness and I quickly smack both buttocks whilst idly wondering what it would feel like if I was lay across her lap, my cock rubbing against her stockings leaving a pool of precum, my arse stinging as she took her revenge. I decided to ask her to return the favour one day!
I stop spanking and gently tug on the buttplug, removing it with a satisfying "plop" noise and replace the plug with 3 fingers of my left hand,it hurts my wrist, but I struggle manfully on and Polly struggles and writhes as she attempts to get more of my hand into her arse, then, I start to put my right hand into her cunt. It's a little more difficult than I thought (my left hand has made things a little tighter) but I again place 3 fingers in and smile happily as I hear Polly cum once more.
I start to move my hands rhythmically and enjoy the noises I can hear coming from both ends of Polly.
Just as my wrists begin to burn, I hear Polly begin to make a strangled sobby noise and say "stop! Fucking stop you fucking perv! I'll not be able to walk!" And so, I remove my hands, rub them on her stockings and help her up.
She smiles, kisses me gently and inevitably tells me to "fuck off" and I smile and wave as I leave.
It was only when I get into the car that I realise I haven't asked her if she fancied spanking me, I'll save it for another time I think.