Jaybo staggered into last place after a gruelling cross country run..
His nose ran ..his face was a bright red
and his legs ached intensely and felt like rubber.

Wheezing like an asthmatic donkey
Jaybo coughed and spluttered releasing a huge wad of plehgm which unfortunately for Jaybo landed on the toe of his sportsmaster Mr Pryke running shoe.

Mr Pryke grimaced.. looked Jaybo up and down, the lad was totally unfit
Too many years of pie eating had earned the lad a pear shaped body with a gut to match
How many times had he tried to get the lad to take some interest in sport and awaken some competitive edge in him?

Jaybo sank to his knees and dry retched only a thin dribble trickled from him

Mr Pryke thought originally that he'd been too lenient with the lad...originally feeling sorry for him as he lived with his strict uncle and didn't want to chastise the boy if his uncle was punishing him at home but now he realised to motivate the boy he would have to instill some punishment
Mr Pryke had seen the marks on Jaybos bottom when he'd taken a shower with the other lads and it looked like his uncle wasn't holding back as he could see blotchy bruised skin where something hard had been used to beat him with.

As the boys slowly jogged back to the school Mr Pryke spoke to Jaybo who was still sore from the run...

Well Lad that was a poor show.. Mr Pryke said firmly and I think you can do a lot better in fact I know you can!
But I think the only way to shake you out of your slovenly ways is by a good hard spanking or shall we send you home with a note to your uncle?

Jaybos eyes went wide he'd sooner be spanked by Mr Pryke than his Uncle.

Yes sir Jaybo said.
Good I will see you after school in the gym said Mr Pryke.

Jaybo sat through his remaining lessons in a tired stupor he hated running with a passion and now he was up for yet another thrashing the only consolation was that it wasn't Uncle doing the beating
Uncle was very severe Jaybo always had to be naked and Kneeling with his bottom up as high as he could manage and he musn't break his position as Uncle would take even longer over beating him if he made a fuss....
Uncle expected Jaybo to take his punishment with as much dignity as he could muster..
even if he was caning him he expected no rubbing or wriggling about.
Jaybo came out of his daydreaming as the bell went to signal the end of the school day. Part 2 to follow