Jaybo had an appointment for a beating with his Sportsmaster Mr Pryke.
Mr Pryke thinks Jaybo needs some motivation to get him participating and becoming a bit more focused also to shake him out of his lazy ways....

The Gym..

Jaybo rapped lightly on the Gym office annex door...
Said Mr Pryke.
Jaybo said
I've come for my beating Sir.
Mr Pryke explained to Jaybo that in some cases people who become lazy and indolent miss out on so much because they don't make any effort in their lives and with no goals or incentives they slide into a circle of repetitive behaviour never really challenging themselves and making do with no way of bettering themselves....do you understand?

Jaybo nodded and said Yes sir.
Right I want you to bend over the gym horse right over so your feet are off the floor.

Jaybo did as instructed and bent over.. his toes just shy of touching the ground.
Now after every stroke of this cane I want you to call out the number of strokes followed by " I will do better" do you understand me?
Jaybo dangled over the gym horse his trouser seat clinging tight to his bottom his face red with embarrassment and with the blood running into his face from the head down position he meekly replied "Yes sir"

Right then we will begin
A couple of positioning taps from the rod
A loud swishing sound followed by a sharp crack as the cane impacted into Jaybos bottom
The surprise made Jaybo yelp then that hot searing sensation as a blistering line of throbbing heat emitted from Jaybos bottom flustered Jaybo said aloud
One sir ..I will do better
As soon as Jaybo stopped speaking the cane slashed across his seat again even harder than the previous stroke
The one throbbing welt became two as Jaybo repeated his mantra
Two sir..I will do better..
A tremendous crack struck jaybo centre on and he shouted Ah NO!
I mean er three thank you sir ...I will do better
Jaybo got a welcome pause as Mr Pryke put down the cane
I think we'll have you bare bottom now Jaybo
And he pulled down both trousers and underpants in one move
Three thick angry stripes neatly crossed the pale skin of Jaybos bottom the first stripe now a raised white welt with red outline.

Mr Pryke took a swig of water and picked up the cane again...
The sound of the cane striking a naked bottom sounded even louder now without clothing as a barrier and Jaybos voice shot up an octave
Four...Oh sir ..I will do better
A fifth hard stroke buried itself into the soft malleable flesh of Jaybos bottom and a little clench and wriggle was observed as Jaybo blurted out quickly
Oh my! Five..five sir oh! I will do better!
A swift swipe to Jaybos sit spots brought a howl from Jaybos lips as his buttocks twitched uncontrollably as he tried to compose himself as the pain and shock ran through him
Jaybo felt as though his bottom had been branded as every cane welt angrily burnt with a deep ache
Oh god!! Six ow six sir thankyou I will do better
Jaybo braced for another nasty lick from the rod but it didn't come...

Right progress is being made and that is enough for today said Mr Pryke but I will see you again here tomorrow lad or if you wish we can let your Uncle deal with you I'm sure I can send a letter home....
Jaybo replied No no that's fine I'll be back

Can I get up Sir?
You may
Jaybo very carefully pulled up his underwear then his trousers the slightest movement sending an uncomfortable rubbing on his welted bottom.
Same time again tomorrow then
And remember?
Jaybo clutched his rear and both of them said..
I will do better.