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    Jaybo finally got in from school ..the bus ride home seemed really slow and he'd stood for most of the journey his cane welts itched something awful.. All he wanted to do was get indoors..shower and put some cool cold cream onto his itching bum cheeks
    The good thing was that Uncle was out so no asking how the school day had gone
    Uncle seemed to have an uncanny knack for knowing if Jaybo was concocting a story or telling lies and Jaybo didn't feel like playing 20 questions not when he just wanted to get these damn underpants off and get some air to his sore behind...

    Jaybo hopped in the shower found a tepid temperature setting on the thermostat and stuck his bottom under the gentle cascading water flow.. with hands on knees he luxuriated in the cooling feeling of the water gently easing the ache and irritation from his battered bum.

    A feeling of calm and joy settled over Jaybo and a big soppy grin spread across his face ...
    Towelling down gently he checked out the marks from his caning in the mirror
    They didn't look as angry red as they had been and that tightening of the bruised welted flesh had calmed down to a tolerable level it still ached but Jaybo would put some of that cooling arnica cream he used...
    Uncle didn't know about the cream Jaybo used, it was his secret antidote to Uncles disciplinary measures.

    Jaybo unscrewed the Jar the cream didn't really have much of a scent to it at all. It kind of looked a little like face cream. All Jaybo knew is that it pretty much speeded up the healing process and stopped an uncomfortable nights wriggling in bed trying to find a position that kept pressure away from his bottom.

    Jaybo had made a light supper for himself and Uncle
    Uncles meal sat in a low heat in the oven
    Jaybo munched happily as he heard Uncle coming in...
    Jaybo called out " Hi Unc' "
    "There's some supper on"

    Jaybos face dropped when he realised Uncle wasn't alone and his heart leapt into his mouth when he realised Mr Pryke was the person accompanying Uncle! !!!

    The lecture Jaybo received made his ears burn
    Uncle berated Jaybo for his poor performance in gym class and for the low grades he'd managed to achieve in class
    and the fact he'd concealed all this from his Uncle as well!! It was only the fact that Uncle Had met Mr Pryke in town that he had found out!

    Jaybo wanted to slide under the table
    Mr Pryke had a sneering smile on his face
    He knew full well Uncle would give him what for!

    Uncle and Mr Pryke had a conversation on what would be the best course of action for such an unruly boy whilst Uncle ate his supper and made Tea for them both.

    Discipline is the only thing these boys understand I'm afraid they agreed
    Whilst slurping on Tea and biscuits
    The way to a boy attaining a high learning curve is good standard of education and a good standard of discipline!


    After sending Jaybo to his room
    The pair collected a selection of Uncles disciplinary implements
    A well used slipper, a wooden hairbrush and a strap fit the bill as they climbed the stairs...

    Jaybo couldn't believe he was getting a double beating from both his uncle and Mr Pryke but his submissive nature told him to get into position and get it over with.

    First they had Jaybo bend over the foot of the bed as both Uncle and Mr Pryke took it in turn to swipe at Jaybos twitching buttocks it took no time at all for a healthy red glow to emit from Jaybos cheeks as a thin groan came from the other end.

    Uncle got Jaybo to strip off completely and push his nose into the corner of the bedroom as they whipped at Jaybos bottom with the strap
    Meaty sounding Whacks echoed around the bedroom as moans became howls.

    To finish off the slipper and hairbrush were put to good use as Jaybo at full bend was subjected to a furious volley of arse assault as his moans became yells and sobs.

    The two men shook hands as they congratulated each other on a job well executed and they wiped their sweaty brows.

    Jaybo slumped on his bed exhausted he'd never had a double whacking like that in his life the strong blows from each man had made his bottom swell up it felt like he had two beach balls for buttocks as it glowed a purple/red hue.

    Jaybo didn't think he'd make it to the shower as his legs were too wobbly but it took the arnica cream and tipped the whole lot onto his blazing bum with a sound like an egg frying as the heat from his bottom melted the thick consistency of the cream Jaybo massaged the gooey mess into his aching fat buttocks with a sigh.

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    Default Re: Uncles temper

    Much enjoyed this Jaybo.

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    Hi Unspanked
    Sometimes I forget what I've written!
    I think I'm projecting a need in this story!
    Very naughty thoughts LOL!

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