I am Nick from West Sussex

Now single 6 years before which I was in a long marriage with very regular punishments from my wife!

These (Often long) sessions were me being punished by my wife by means of a hard caning interspersed with her teasing me for a while & then caning me hard again before the teasing resumed........

It wasn't unusual to be cruelly "Milked" just before the really harsh strokes were administered

That meant of course that the punishment was just that with no sexual gratification at all & boy could she cane when she was angry!!

The marriage died a death for reasons that have nothing to do with our sex life or caning sessions, in fact they were about all that was left towards the end & I would always obey her & take my punishment tied down if necessary & either milked straight away & caned or teased & caned harder & harder if I held back from cumming for her!

This is what I miss so much & despite going through a lot of heartache & losing everything, I have now settled down alone & feel ready, even yearn to be punished once again by a woman that knows how to use a cane & a woman that would be more than happy to tease me for as long as she wants to before I'm told to get my bottom up & keep it up & caned again & again before the inevitable milking or incredible sex!

I realise I may be asking the impossible, but it's worth just testing the water I guess.......

A relationship would also be amazing, but I doubt myself a lot these days & wonder if anyone would be interested in me at all!!

So, I'm going to enjoy perusing these pages to see what other folks different "Scenes" may be - For me I am looking for just caning & of course a lover if that is ever going to happen! Who knows??

Anyway, Thanks for reading!


Will upload some images of my ex wife's handiwork!!