"Timothy Fanshaw Meek" bellowed Mr Hargreaves "What in the blue blazes of hell do you think you are doing boy?"

Timothy Meek knew exactly what he was doing he was 'exercising his right arm' in the school lavatories between lessons not expecting a nosey teacher to be bothering him that's what!

Tim thought he had locked the cubicle door but in his horny haste had neglected to do so!

Mr Hargreaves had that smug look on his face the look he gave when he caught a pupil up to no good.
Mr Hargreaves seemed to love lurking around trying to catch boys misbehaving just so he could report them to their head of year and hopefully catch some of the retribution for himself
...unfortunately for Tim it was a case of wrong place,wrong time!

Tim tucked his fading erection back into his pants...
"Look sir it'll never happen again honest!"

Mr Hargreaves gave Tim a look of disbelief ,Masturbation was the second favourite pastime in this school
Only marginally less popular than buggery which seemed rife!

"Come with me boy we'll see what Mr Steele has to say about your disgusting behaviour!"

Mr Steele was just finishing up thrashing another boy called Wilkins for cheating on an exam paper
The loud crack of the cane and yelps from Wilkins could be heard outside where Mr Hargreaves waited with Tim.

Mr Hargreaves seemed to twitch with anticipation as the final strokes ended what sounded like a spectacular caning
Mr Steele opened the office door to see Wilkins out with a warning
"If I ever hear of you cheating again boy believe you me that hard caning you've just had will seem like a game of Pat a cake!!
Wilkins limped away sniffing holding back the tears that were only seconds away from bursting out.

Mr Steele regarded Mr Hargreaves with an eye of disdain the man was truly gutless yet was always trying desperately to curry favour with other teachers.

Mr Hargreaves informed Mr Steele of Tims misconduct
And suggested that only physical punishment of the severest nature would suffice for the boys flagrant ignoring of school rules not to mention quashing a filthy habit!!

Mr Hargreaves was almost drooling with the thought of seeing a lad beaten thoroughly
He saw in his minds eye
The lad touching toes
His trousers fitted tightly to his buttocks
His jacket flipped up and out of the way
As Mr Steele drew his caning arm back and.....

OK Mr Hargreaves I've got this I'll have a word with the lad
Mr Hargreaves little fantasy collapsed as Mr Steele ushered him to the door he just had time to see Tims smug expression as he was bundled out into the corridor.

Tims gleeful expression faded as Mr Steele turned back into the room
Oh oh! Thought Tim now I'm for it!!...

Mr Hargreaves loitered outside waiting for the sounds of a caning to commence
and felt aggrieved when none were forthcoming...he stormed off looking for others to catch out!

Mr Steele waited until Mr Hargreaves had gone and stated "Horrible spineless little man.. gets my goat!
Tim didn't know if he was still for it!
Mr Steele picked up the cane He'd used to beat Wilkins but put it back in the cupboard.
Tim felt a glimmer of hope.

"Well Mr Meek fiddling with ones genitals is all well and good but I cannot and will not condone this sort of behaviour I'm not going to cane you but I think you are due a spanking if not for the fact of your smug attitude!"

Tims tummy fluttered with nerves
Mr Steele gripped Tims earlobe and guided him to a high topped desk.

"Trousers and underpants down lad!"

Tim pulled down his trousers followed by his white underwear

"Now bend right over and no fuss or putting hands in the way or I will bring out that cane do you hear?"

Tim answered Yes sir and did as he was bid

Mr Steele placed one hand on the small of Tims back and stood quite close as he placed his other hand on one of Tims buttocks gauging the distance for a good swing...

Tims bottom clenched and unclenched as firm swipes smacked onto his flesh
Mr Steele varied the intensity of the strikes of his hard palm and also the buttock he delivered the spanks onto
Tim would sometimes get six rapid smacks to one cheek then a succession of alternating swipes as his bottom went from a pale pink to a deep crimson hue

Tim gasped as the inferno on his bare bottom continued.. his leg began to come up uncontrollably and Mr Steele pushed it back down again carrying on with his spanking tattoo of seemingly never ending Palm strikes.

Tim thought how is his hand not hurting him? because Tims bottom certainly was
The repetitious smacks a blur of hand to bouncing bottom.
All of a sudden Tim felt the tears coming as he racked a huge wet sob
His bottom an inferno of white heat those hand spanks hurt intensely.

Tim was delirious from the pain and even though Mr Steele had finally stopped it felt like he'd been beaten with a lump of wood
What Tim wasn't expecting was the hand that had given him so much pain was now rubbing gently over his blistered bottom with such tenderness.

Tim had a contrast of feelings he'd been thoroughly punished but this soothing hand was making him groan and not in a bad way!

Mr Steele continued with his massaging Tim started to feel a rise between his legs oh no not that!

But the hand had found his twitching member and the massage continued between his legs.

Tim had such mixed emotions now the heat from his spanked rear was making him throb elsewhere as expert fingers worked on his cock and balls.

Tim opened his bottom up a little and the hands found other places to wander
Gentle smacks now made him coo instead of yelp as fingers probed teased pulled and stroked.

An urgent pulse in his cock as a finger gently moved in and out of his bottom hole and gentle tugging at his cock
Brought on the most devine act of Masturbation he'd ever experienced
As urgent spurts of cum left his body he all but went limp over the desk as he felt completely spent.

Mr Steele handed Tim some tissues to clean up
"Don't let anyone catch you wanking off in the lavatories again or they'll be trouble!"
and he winked at Tim

Tim believed him too.