Do you have fantasies about being taken over a man's knee and being spanked on your bare bottom? Or to feel a flogger on your bare back, breasts and bottom? Do you long to lie, face down, on your bed while your bottom is whipped with a belt? Or do you dream of being told to strip naked and bend over a chair or desk to get the cane, forcing yourself to gasp out "One sir, thank you, sir" as the cane bites into your defenceless bottom, raising a welt that will last for a week? And knowing that, if you miss the count or rub your bottom, you will receive an extra stroke across the backs of your thighs?

If that is you, I can help, and in the (dis)comfort of your own home. I am a strict disciplinarian, offering spankings and more to girls in the Leeds/York area. I can be (fairly) gentle with those wanting to explore the delights of a smacked bottom, but am also experienced in administering severe beltings and canings to those who deserve them. Whatever level of punishment you need, you will not be disappointed!

Weekday afternoons only, and I am unable to accommodate.