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    Default Gentleman 50+ sought to administer traditional discipline: Inverness/North Highlands

    Gentleman 50+ sought who understands how even usually well-behaved, polite younger men thrive on firm, meaningful discipline from time to time, from someone they see as an authority figure.

    Im an experienced professional man, 50 years old, exceptionally discreet, now too far from past masters south to get the discipline I need from an older, genuine, reliable gentleman I respect. Only looking for formal, functional, traditional discipline sessions as one would have in the home or school etc, given with confidence and care in a nurturing way that lads have endured for centuries.

    Other physical intimacy not required. Happy to visit or can accommodate and supply implements if need be. All replies answered and please do be honest about your interests, experience and circumstances to make best use of our mutual time and effort.

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    Default Re: Gentleman 50+ sought to administer traditional discipline: Inverness/North Highla

    Hello there.
    we are pretty close geographically so it makes sense to have a chat.
    just drop me a message.

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