My husband usually arranges my punishment sessions but he's in Africa on a charity mission for some time and then back and forth quite a bit and doesn't have the time at the moment so, at his suggestion, I'm advertising for myself.

Please be aware that I'm very nervous about doing this as trusting his judgement has been the key to a lot of very satisfying sessions so I will be very cautious.

I like these encounters to be long, hard, erotic occasions that build to a climax via a ritual caning. A hard and lengthy caning with several different canes and, often different positions.

There are many pictures of me on this site and whilst I don’t want any mugshots, pictures of potential punishers will be most welcome especially if naked and erect. I am, after all likely to be asked to kneel and open wide which I love with the right people. I will be picky but I have an urgent need, an itch and it’s getting to me. Self spanking holds no surprises and is never a cause for butterflies in the tummy.

Sessions can take place here in our playroom, in the house, outbuildings etc and I am also happy to travel. In the past twelve months I’ve been to Crewe, York, Essex, Newcastle and Fife. Naturally there needs to be a really juicy session planned if I am to travel far but so far the farthest I’ve been is Germany.

Please everyone, read my profile, have a look at the pictures, read my blog and get in touch

Thanks for reading this.

P.S Wellerman- if you read this then please get in touch as you’re email address bounced - I’d love a repeat of what we did two years ago, I still fantasise about it.

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