Hello all,

I joined a few days ago and have signed in a few times to look around the site.

I am London based and fond of spanking women: I have no interest in being spanked by anyone. I am lucky enough to have been able to meet with a handful of people over the last few years but have only one semi-regular arrangement at the moment. I am corresponding with a couple of interesting possibilities though: fingers crossed. I have visited a very limited number of sites and never visited again most of those I have.

I am happy to chat, to answer questions, and to meet without sessioning, and happy for anyone to bring their partner along at any time.

The connection with my spankee is more important to me than the level of punishment they are comfortable with.

On a final note I shall be in Lancashire Monday to Wednesday, 9th to 11th December: unlikely I know in such a short term but if anyone out there would like to discuss meeting up then I should be delighted!

Kind regards,