I am probably going to write too much, so apologies in advance!

I am in my 40s and live in the South West, and enjoy being spanked.

That is something I have only said to one other person before.

When I think back my interest in spanking probably started when I was in school and some other children were given ‘the slipper’ (a well worn large black plimsoll) having been caught talking in church. Shortly after this corporal punishment was banned in schools so I never experienced a slippering myself, nor can I recall experiencing anything other than a single slap to stop me from, say picking up a hot pan, when I misbehaved at home. So, in many ways, I don’t know where my desire to submit to be disciplined by a strict (usually, but not always, older) woman in authority came from. I do remember being curious what it felt like to receive a slippering and I guess things grew from there.

During my teenage years I increasingly wanted to know what it would feel to receive a slippering, and over time, other implements as the arrival of the internet allowed be to explore more about spanking. Over the years I purchased several pairs of plimsolls and attempted to spank myself with them and, though in hindsight I should have bought them in sizes bigger than that which was my own at the time to spank myself effectively, I became increasingly aroused at the thought of being spanked. However, it wasnÂ’t until I met my wife that I received my first real spanking. It took me years to broach the subject, and when we first tried it she wasn’t really sure about the idea - but for me, though it hurt a lot, I was hooked. Over time she has grown to enjoy it and over the last couple of years has said that she will often get wet thinking about the prospect of punishing me, thought she still worries about hurting me despite me reassuring her that I don’t just want it to hurt, I need it to. Unfortunately, due to this I have only once reached the ‘subspace’ place that many talk about once - during a caning last year when I reached a point where I didn’t want it to stop just before we had reached the pre-agreed number of strokes.... and the caning ended as I (in hindsight unwisely) asked to be gagged in case I made a fuss that the neighbours could hear....

As well as a desire for corporal punishment I also have an associated fetish for specific styles of womenÂ’s shoes - namely black or brown high-heeled brogues (2-inches+, but not block or square) and patent round-toe Mary-Jane stilettos (3-inches+, but not stupidly high). I enjoy thinking about being disciplined by a strict headmistress or school matron wearing them, and being made to kiss and clean them (especially the soles and heels) as an act of submission after being punished, while being threatened with additional punishment if I don’t do so to their total satisfaction.

I’m not into the idea of a leather or pvc clad mistress standing over me with a bull whip and thigh-high boots at all. For me the scenarios that work are almost always fully CFNM, or at most my disciplinarian wearing old-fashioned underwear, stockings and heels. While I like being chastised during a session this is in a stern and matter-of-fact way rather than her being abusive and swearing, as in so many videos, as this beaks the spell for me.

Things we have tried and I want to continue to experience:

  • The slipper - black or white school plimsoll, or for more severe punishment a Dunlop Green Flash.
  • A wooden paddle - oddly while I like the idea of a drilled paddle other similar implements like a heavy hairbrush or wooden spoon are a real turn-off, as are hand spankings.
  • The tawse - on both hands and bottom. We currently have a short 12 inch and a heavy 24 inch Lochgelly tawse, but I would like to experience an XH soon!
    The cane - reformatory and dragon - although we have other I prefer the ‘deeper’ feel of a more thicker cane to the sting of a more whippy one, which I find a turn-off most of the time, unless it is being used on my hands.
  • Facesitting
  • Ass worship
  • Shoe worship
    Supervised masterbation during which I am required to spank myself with the short tawse while bing chastised for my ‘dirty’, ‘filthy’ and ‘disgusting’ ‘self abuse’ then told to ‘cleanup my mess’ afterwards.
  • Short term wearing of a chastity device combined with multiple daily checks for any signs of arousal, which are dealt with a spanking with a short tawse. The longest we have managed so far is 7 days while off work on holiday last year, with a check and spanking on the hour every hour on the last day, but we both enjoyed it in different ways, though by the end of it I had both a very sore bottom and tired tongue!

Things I have not yet tried but would like to:

  • The Canadian prison strap
  • Being very tightly restrained over a sturdy spanking bench for a severe punishment - we currently have a stool the we use which is great in as far as it goes, but I would like to be a position where I cannot move at all.
  • A very severe punishment caning delivered cold. I am told the stokes in advance (min 12) but that they will only be counted once blood has been drawn. She then proceeds to cane me slowly on my bottom and upper thighs, maximising the number of strokes I recieve before blood is drawn.
  • A judicial style caning and tawsing delivered very formally comprising of a minimum of 48 strokes of the cane to my bottom, followed by a minimum of 48 of the xh tawse to my thighs. I know that this would be very severe and take me way beyond my limits but I would like to experience such a punishment at least once.
  • Being restrained and milked before a cold caning as I would like to experience what it feels to be punished without being aroused
  • A pegging while still restrained after a caning
  • Being punished in front of other women

Things I would like to be trained to able to do:

  • Take a hard caning in full without being restrained, counting each stroke, thanking her for it and asking for the next one.

Two of my favourite fantasies are:

  • Detention with a very strict and stern old-fashioned headmistress who dominates me and disciplines me very hard for even the slightest error, then requires me to submit to a very formal CFNM caning. This is followed by shoe worship and a lesson in how to pleasure her with my tongue while she remains fully clothed, other than her knickers, for which she gives me marks out of 10 - each mark less than 10 means another 6 strokes of the cane!

  • Sent to the seemingly prim and strict school matron after being caught masterbating - her ‘cure’ is a lengthy questioning about my ‘disgusting self abuse’ habits and fantasies while restrained with liberal encouragement to confess them in full from the cane and XH tawse. She then puts on a pair of latex gloves, inserts a butt plug and uses a wand vibrator to milk me into a receptical, making me consume the result, then fitting a chastity cage. Next, she chastises me for my habits and fantasies while caning me at least 24 times, with extras if I fail to take it in silence telling me that if nessary she will thrash me every day to break me of by ‘dirty’ and ‘disgusting’ habits. This is then followed by a pegging while still restrained, shoe worship and her removing her knickers and sitting on my face in her full uniform for me to pleasure her until she cums in my moth, then repositions herself for me to pleasure her ass with my tongue. My punishment concludes with her urinating in my mouth and a OTK spanking with a drilled wooden paddle for any that I spill. Once I am cleaned up she tells me that from now on she will require me to submit to random checks of my underwear for signs of arousal, and that I will needs to report to her for a weekly check of my cage and ‘further correctional therapy’.

So that’s me!