Johnny, (now 55 years of age) never grew up properly, nappies are an essential part of his life, it's nerves or something.

More familier with disposable incontinence products Johnny stood uncomfortably wearing only a pair of white-ish Y Fronts in the centre of the main space of the village hall, it was a private hire but not a very private building with thin shed like walls and many windows.

Johnny had been given plenty to drink because his Master wanted him to piss his pants and stand in a pool of his own piss before being soundly thrashed.

A group of youths peered through one of the windows laughing at Johnny as he stood, nearly naked with his hands on his head.

After about fifteen minutes Johnny's Y Fronts grew a wet yellow patch which quickly grew until piss was rolling down his shaved legs as well as splattering straight onto the floor.

Master came over and smacked Johnny's on the wet fabric covering his left buttock before thinking better of it and giving Johnny a few slaps across his face which was already crimson with embarrasment.

"Take those underpants off and put them over your head, you filthy creature!" Commanded Johnny's, Master.

Master then went to collect a meaty tawse from a nearby table then proceeded to beat Johnny as he stood in his puddle.

The sound of the belting and Johnny's cries of protest drew more onlookers, some went away in disgust.

On completion of the beating Master went away leaving the key to the hall on the table. The Police arrived half an hour later and arrested Johnny for damaging public property and indecent exposure.

Naturally when Johnny was released pending an appearance in magistrates court he went home and was subjected to twelve strokes of the cane for causing such an embarrasing situation.