After a period of time in my life, spanking became a ‘not so vital’ part of it, I did not crave for it after I had met the love of my life. Unfortunately after five years of life together with holidays, and growing up an both losing our virginity together and making love like rabbits at every moment we were alone, my life was bliss. We got engaged and we were due to marry. Then the thunderbolt struck, one weekend when my family were entertaining some in-laws and we went out together to the local park. She made the announcement to me that she had met somebody from work and had had sex together. I was absolutely devastated and pleaded with here to give him up but to no avail. She did thank me for teaching her all about lovemaking, but that did not please me at all. It had been going on for some time and my mother had seen her at a local beauty spot in a car with someone else, which she denied when confronted.

My life was absolutely shattered and I nearly lost my Job due to my behaviour, chasing her all over the county trying to get her back, what a fool I was. I eventually changed my job which entailed me to travel around the country, getting me away from the area where the memories were fresh in my mind. I thought of the reasons for my loss and decided that I had not treated her as well as I could have, and decided then that I should be punished as a result.

My job took me all over the country and I contacted a guy in Hyde, Manchester who advertised in a contact magazine. I will call him Pete. So when I contacted him I was a bit nervous and stuttered a bit. He interrupted me and asked me straight “Do you want a spanking” to which I replied Yes. Arrangements were made for me to go to his house that evening and there he wasted no time and asked me to remove my trousers and underpants which I duly did, after taking my shoes off. I did not know what to expect, I thought I might get an over the knee spanking but he had other ideas. I was taken into the dining room and was ordered to lie across the dining table to receive my punishment, which was a number of whacks across my bare bottom with a thick belt, that stung like hell and made me yelp. Pete was an expert at taking me to the edge, after the belting he pulled my shirt off so that I was naked apart from my sock, then took me into his lounge where he had a large high-backed comfy settee, which he made me bend over the wide rounded back of, with my hands on the seat covers, my legs barely touching the floor. He then produced a cane from somewhere. It was a rattan cane with a walking stick handle, quite thin and whippy. He told me that I was to receive six of the best and not to move otherwise he would start the punishment over from the start. When the first stroke landed I thought that I would not be able to tolerate another five as the pain was extreme, but I didn’t want more than six so I just let out a loud gasp. The next three strokes landed in and around the same area but the final two landed below the buns at the top of my legs which really made me yell. Pete told me to stay where I was and said that I had taken them well. He went off somewhere and returned and I felt a cool cream being rubbed into my tortured bottom which soon eased the pain. I was allowed to stand up and rub my bottom, and I felt the welts on my buns and my legs, which was the most painful. I was then taken to the bedroom to be told i was to receive a spanking which I duly did, laying across his knees as I had originally hoped for. As I was being spanked I felt that Pete was getting a hard on beneath my tummy, so when he had finished I slid off his knees and knelt on the floor before him and released his erection and sucked it until he made me stop and he came into a tissue.

He said again that I had taken my punishment well and I flippantly replied that I was a ‘hard arsed bastard’. He laughed. That was the first several visits’ to Pete, all enjoyable in their own way and I felt that I had made up for they mistakes I had made.