I arrive at the front door and knock, it opens but nobody is visible. A voice says come in. I enter the house to find the occupier standing behind the door naked, his cock standing out in front of him semi-hard. He indicates that I should go through to the next room, which happened to be the Dining room. I noticed a chair set apart from the table, and it had a small footstool beside it - strange?.
The occupier came up behind me and told me to raise my hands above my head, which I did. He proceeded to pull my tee shirt over my head after which he told me to put my hands on my head and not to move them. I carried out his instructions.

Then he turned me round to face him and began to remonstrate to me, saying that I had arrived at his house later than was arranged and that he would not tolerate any tardiness of that kind and I was to suffer the consequences. I know I was a little late but did not ex- pect that sort of response. He then guided me to the chair sat, down on it and positioned me in front of him. He reached out, undid my belt and the pop-stud of my trousers and undid the zip. Because they were a little loose they just fell to the floor without any as- sistance, and after a sharp tug, my boxers followed to join them around my ankles and I ended up standing virtually naked before him. I felt extremely embarrassed about my pa- thetic, childlike small cock and balls on display. I quickly covered them up by my hand but he told me that he had instructed me to put my hands on my head and to not move them, I had disobeyed him again and that it would warrant a more severe punishment. I was told to kick the trousers and boxers off, which I did. He then told me my punishment would be a spanked bottom for not carrying out his instructions in a timely manner.
I was shocked by this statement and very nervous as I waited for what was to come. He lifted his foot and placed it on the little footstool, then opened his legs apart and told me to bend over his raised leg. I hesitated, my mistake, he told me that I had now not carried out two but three instructions given to me by him, and would therefore get a good, sound spanking. He commanded me, in a very forceful tone to get over his leg right now!. With trepidation I stepped forward, stood between his legs and settled across his leg. His other leg then clamped my legs between his, pushed my head down so I was bent double over his leg, my bottom in a perfect position to be spanked. My legs, securely trapped by his own, then took my outside arm and held it firmly by the wrist against the small of my back, so that I had no chance of preventing what he thought I was due, I was completely helpless and unable to move.

Now you will learn to do as you are told he said, and the spanking began, with several very hard swats to my upturned bottom which made me cry out. Shortly after he had be- gan the front door rang, followed by a rat-a tat-tat on the knocker. My tormentor said Oh! And said a name which I didn’t catch and ordered me to go to the door and let in whoev- er was there. I knew that I should not disobey him again , so I got off his leg, and stag- gered to the door, standing behind it when I opened it. A guy came in and closed the door, leaving me nakedly embarrassed in front of him, a stranger. He said that I had better lead the way, I thought he must know the way anyhow, but I did turn to lead and he saw the angry red hand prints on my bottom, he asked what I had done to receive such marks, I didn’t answer.

When we entered the dining room my tormentor instructed me to get back over his knee so he could continue the punishment. I did so, knowing that it would be worse for me if I didn’t, but I was uneasy about someone else viewing the spanking I was about to get. The spanking continued every bit as hard as previously and I began to attempt to writhe but was held in place just as firmly as before. Unbeknown to me the other guy had picked up my iphone from the floor and was filming me getting spanked, before undressing him- self.
I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a chair being pushed towards the one with the footrest, Oh good, I thought, my head was getting as red as my bum due to to being up- side down. My shoulders were lifted up and the chair slid under me, followed by a naked body which sat on the chair. My body was now straightened but my head was over a very erect penis, as the spanking continued, although not as hard. My head was pushed down onto the hard penis beneath, it pushed against my lips which remained firmly closed. A voice said open your mouth, but I didn’t and I received the hardest spank my bottom had had so far, I cried out in shock and as I did so my head was pushed further down and the penis entered my mouth. I was instructed to suck, and as I did so the spanking stopped, my bottom was rubbed, which was quite nice and soothing, the fingertips exploring my crack before eventually ending up at my anus, I felt a cold liquid squirt into the top of the crack, run down the valley, and over my anus, the fingers probed around it. I shuddered as a finger, then another, entered my anus and began to massage the inside, I moaned with pleasure and with my now released hand began to reach for the cock in my mouth which I began to wank off. The rubbing of my bottom stopped and the spanking resumed but lighter now. After a short time I felt the cock head swell in my mouth and the owner strain and gasp, his semen raced up the cock and emptied into my mouth is several powerful spurts as he climaxed. When it was finished I was ordered to stand and my tor- mentor pushed me to the table and my torso was pushed down on it it, He then pushed his erect cock to my well lubricated anus, gently entered it and began to shaft me, laying over me so again I was firmly held in place by his body while he did so.
After he had climaxed, he withdrew and I was ordered upstairs to the bedroom, where both men continued to abuse me, shafting me in many different positions, spit roasted in a variety of ways. I was completely dominated by these guys for at least an hour. My poor anus was sore and well used. When it was over the stranger decided that he ought to also spank me to remember him by. He sat on the bed and ordered me across his knees, which I dutifully did because I knew would be worse for me if I didn’t. He began to spank my poor abused bottom for a time until it was bright red again.

My original tormentor afterwards ordered me to take a shower which I carried out. After I had left the shower and dried myself with the towel provided, and before I had dressed, he inspected my buttocks. He then decided that he would also give me a reminder, so over his knees I went for a further spanking which ended up with me trembling and in tears and a very, very red and sore bottom.
He then told me that I would get the same again if I didn’t follow his instructions to the letter the next time I came. I demurely answered that I, rather haltingly, promised that I would.

He told me to get dressed and go home. I left the house, got in my car and drove, my bottom still smarting from the punishment it had taken, the car seat was not that soft. Be- fore I reached the motorway a feeling of warmth permeated through my rear end, my en- dorphins working overtime. I began to haven a wonderful feeling of wellbeing and incred- ible satisfaction, although being spanked was painful at times I felt at ease with myself, pleased that I had also satisfied my tormentors, who were both expert dominant guys who knew exactly how to treat a sub guy and give him what he craves and to punish ac- cordingly I vowed then to come to them whenever I received a call. I also realised, but not at the time, that I had made three mistakes and had three spankings to show for it. Was it planned that way or was it coincidence, . . all I know is that I had got an extremely sore bottom to show for it.
I wonder if this fantasy will ever come to pass - I hope it does sometime.